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    Dear Ones,

    I am Mytria, returned to tell you more about Whole Brain Thinking. Whole Brain Thinking arises from cognitive activity, which perfectly balances the right and left hemispheres of your brain. To best explain, allow me to take a diversion and tell you of Earth’s ancient, multidimensional history.

    Before Earth fell into the present-day, third dimensional vibration, in fact, even before Earth fell into the fourth dimension, there were NO polarities. Male and female, proton and electron, receiving and projecting were the same.

    The polarization of masculine and feminine started with the atom, which is why the first polarized human was named Adam. Long before the fall of Atlantis, when Gaia was still fifth dimensional, there was a continent, which filled much of your Pacific Ocean, named Lemuria.

    In the Lemurian Era, there was ONLY Unity Consciousness. Hence, there were no polarities, and all beings were androgynous. Interestingly enough, it was the Lemurians who first started to experiment with creating a Being polarized into a gender of male or female.


    The Lemurians experimented with creating a lower dimensional being, as they knew that Gaia had volunteered to find the lowest dimension in which sentient life could survive. The Lemurians began their polarization experiments by splitting the atom into the polarities of positive/proton/male charge and feminine/electron/female charge.

    They decided to make their lower dimensional human male, as they thought that the dynamic action of the masculine charge would be vital for a society split off from the Oneness of the fifth dimension. For some reason, they did not consider having both male and female beings. Perhaps this was because they were having such trouble finding any being at all that could survive in such a low resonance.

    The Lemurians, who changed forms as easily as you change your clothes, viewed having “only” one form as a foreign concept. However, their telepathic group mind told them that the destiny of the planet was that the frequency of energy was going to drop drastically.

    They had worked out every possible solution for this impending cataclysm, but it was WRITTEN in the planetary hologram, and they could not change it. Therefore, they knew that they would have to assist in creating an earth form that could survive within a low dimension, possibly as low as the third dimension.

    Eventually, believing that their experiments had failed, they passed their research on to the Atlantians. They did this largely because the Holographic WRITINGS said it was the Atlantians who would be responsible for causing the great catastrophe. Show less
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