• Sketch and Cut (Kickstarter) - Duration: 2 minutes, 45 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Kickstarter video for "Sketch and Cut", an easy to use laser cutter that cuts whatever you draw! A laser cutter with a camera that analyses lines you draw on material. The lines are stored and you ...
  • Smart Kitchen: Enhancing Kitchen Activities - Duration: 89 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    By detecting several different objects on the kitchen counter the system can provide all sorts of information about the current state and give you suggestions and even show you where useful kitchen...
  • Board Game Advisor - Duration: 65 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Demonstration of the possibilities of computer vision on smarpthones to enhance the traditional board game experience. By using smart image recognition algorithms our libraries for iOS and Android ...
  • Magic Book - Duration: 117 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Keep the authentic look and feel of a real paper book and combine this with the advantages of animated storytelling.

    Intended be used in library, waiting room, museum or exhibit.

    For more compu...
  • Augmented Reality Blackjack - Duration: 67 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    At Studio diip, we developed a real-time Blackjack scoring assistant that shows your current score next to your cards. By recognizing playing cards on a table with a top down camera, this system ca...
  • Fish on Wheels - Duration: 78 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    By using a camera and computer vision software it is possible to make a fish control a robot car over land. By swimming towards an interesting object, the fish can explore the world beyond the limi...
  • Vegetable Recognizer - Studio diip - Duration: 61 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Read more about it on the Studio diip website: http://studiodiip.com/news/?p=992

    The Vegetable Recognizer system gives recipes based on the vegetables on the table.
    - Instant image recognition of ...
  • Red shoe detection - Duration: 2 minutes, 23 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Image recognition on original movie "Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me". Detects the shoes worn in the movie and matches them to an existing product to show the possibilities of image recog...
  • Automated KVM switch with image recognition - Duration: 61 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    This video demonstrates an application that switches the mouse and keyboard connection to the computer the user is currently looking at. By using c++ and the openCV libraries the webcam is able to ...
  • ANPR Proof of Concept - Duration: 53 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Proof of concept of ANPR done by Studio diip
    See www.studiodiip.com for more information and more image recognition
  • Bridge Card Reader Explanation - Duration: 95 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    This movie presents the Bridge Card Reader (BCR), an automated card recognition system for bridge. It shows what the system consists of, the possibilities of the current version and what to when pl...
  • Bridge Card Reader version 0.2 - Duration: 65 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    This video presents the alpha version of the Bridge Card Reader. As mentioned in the previous post this version is programmed in a different language which results in numerous advantages as can be ...
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