• An Angel Paid For Her Groceries

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    An Angel Paid For Her Groceries. This positive prank involves giving back to others by paying for their groceries. An angel gives a fresh start in the motivational video. We can trust Christ to provide for our needs. #LIGHTtheWORLD

    Bart Johnson @bart_johnson https://www.youtube.com/bar...
    Charan Prabhakar @charanarama https://www.youtube.com/cha...
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    I like to call this the "Starter Kit"
    You'll notice I have over 100 videos on my YouTube channel. Even for me that is a lot, and I sometimes forget which videos I have done!
    If you are new to the channel and want a bite size piece of content before you binge on the buffet, or you are trying to convince your family to subscribe, then this is the playlist for you.
    These are some of MY favorite videos, and I can promise if you show anyone these videos, they will think you are the coolest person in the world (okay, maybe I can't promise that, but these videos are pretty neat).
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    I have been very blessed in my life, and especially during the time that I have been making videos on YouTube. Because of that I realize how important it is to give back to others.
    Now, while I believe we shouldn't go around flaunting EVERY SINGLE good thing we are doing for people, I do believe that videos like this can help inspire others to go do the same things, and lift the spirits of millions of people all around the world.
    If these videos do one thing, I hope they inspire you to make a change in your community. Feel free to send me and email, tweet, or Facebook message letting me know how you are making a positive impact in the world!
    PS: If you don't have email, twitter, or FB, you can always send it via carrier pigeon. I'm sure how that works tho... ;)
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    These are my dancing videos!
    Let me tell you the main reason why I started doing these types of videos...
    About a year and a half into posting videos on my YouTube channel, I was not enjoying it AT ALL. I wanted to quit making videos and go back to my old job cleaning porta potties (yes...that was really my job).
    After a lot of reflection, I realized the reason I was feeling that way, was because I wasn't doing the things that were making ME happy. I was making videos that made other people happy, and the videos THEY thought were fun, but I was forgetting about me.
    I had this idea for a video where I would dance behind people without them knowing. I wanted to do it for the longest time, but was afraid that, if I did, people would unsubscribe from me because it wasn't funny enough or it wasn't really a "prank."
    After being so discouraged with the way my life was, I decided I was going to make the video anyway. I flew out to New York City and started filming. It was one of the hardest videos I'd ever filmed. I began having second thoughts about it. Finally, after two VERY long days of filming, we got it done.
    I felt so relieved and accomplished. As I started editing the video, a new wave of energy was going through me. I was excited about making videos again!
    That's why, to this day, I still continue to make dance videos. Anytime I am feeling in a rut or need a boost of energy, I make one.
    All of this reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago when I was a teachers assistant in an elementary school class. There was this kid in the class that was always happy, but he kind of got on my nerves a lot. One day I found out his living situation was less than ideal. Apparently he lived in a one bedroom apartment with 13 people. I was so shocked when I found out, so I went up to him later and asked him what he did to be so happy all the time. He leaned across the table and whispered, "In the mornings...I wake up...and I DANCE!"
    I was amazed by his response, and relieved that his source of happiness was something legal :)
    So, if you are ever feeling down on your luck or just need an extra boost of energy, get up and dance!
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    I love to sing!
    Whether it's in the shower or in the drive thru (what I am wearing determines where), I love making music.
    Singing has always been a part of my life, and it wasn't until about a year and a half into making videos, that I decided I would incorporate it into my YouTube channel. I always try and make these videos as creative as I can, so let me know what you think of them!
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