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  • WORK FROM HOME! Become a Practitioner In Emotional Health!

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    Do you dream of being in the Holistic Health Field healing others? Can you imagine yourself specializing in Emotional/Mental health and wellness.

    Go To: for more information and to subscribe to get FREE complimentary videos about flower remedies!

    The comprehensive and educational course provides psycho-spiritual support for individuals and practicing healers. I will provide you all of the tools you need to:

    • Improve the emotional health of others

    • Develop caring relationships with those you are serving

    • Create a business based on helping others

    • Increase your income dramatically as a practicing healer

    Right this minute, millions of people are suffering from emotional health challenges, such as sadness, stress, grief, lack of confidence, and more. These struggles make it difficult for them to enjoy life; they are controlled by their negative thoughts, behaviors, and fears.

    In this course, you’ll learn exactly how to help people restore themselves back to who they want to be; you can help them return to their story. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, you will be qualified to quickly, profoundly, and powerfully change people’s lives. Let’s get started.
    If you decide you want to be in the course - use Yania20 for an even larger discount! Show less
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  • Flower Remedies - Complementary Video Series

    Flower remedies aka botanical therapy or plant medicine are powerful extracts, with no scent, that come from plants and flowers found all over the world that specifically target emotional/mental wellness.

    When we are moved out of balance (which happens many times in our life from a simple argument to a life changing trauma), we are affected emotionally/mentally. Flower remedies work to repair our energetic and emotional imbalance to keep us in a confident, empowered and positive state of mind. Many people underestimate the impact that our emotional/mental wellness has on our physical health, but their connection is undeniable.

    Science uses plants and their extracts to create medicine, too. Look at aspirin, one of the most used medicines in the world. It was created from willow bark extract and had been used as a pain reliever for centuries.

    Gaining knowledge of plants and flowers, and how they can help you, can change your life entirely. Everyone says, “I want medicine without side effects,” but then doubt the healing powers of Mother Earth. Well look no further; I never would have believed it myself, but here we are. I ask you to willingly “Go Beyond What You Know,” and open up to the possibilities earth and nature has provided. I did, I never would have believed it – and it changed my life!
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  • Autism / On the Spectrum

    Let me help you address the emotional/mental needs for child, yourself and your family using natural plant extracts from the earth.
    You will be amazed how your home health moves back when we work on changing your state of mind, bringing back positivity from the inside, bring you back into balance, revitalize, rejuvenate and you can take control of your home!
    25% of our medications come from plants and I will show you how I use powerful and dynamic plant medicine to bring you back to emotional balance so you, as a mom, can take on the world!
    I will use remedies to help your whole family move to a place of happiness, contentment. Its sounds simple, it is simple. Take advantage of the free consultation and let me explain how I can help.
    The benefits are so amazing, I am writing a handbook for moms with children on the spectrum coming out soon! Lets address your childs emotional needs and see the amazing results that will come!

    “Let Me Share With You How You Can Take Back Control of The Emotional/Mental Health of Your Household Bringing Positivity, Rejuvenation, Joy!”
    I am working with children with severe autism, as well as children who are high functioning for their personal specific challenge and seeing beautiful results.
    For some children it can be a few days before you begin to see small improvements, for others, it can take two months. It depends purely on each individual, how deep and how long they have been dealing with their challenges.
    I have worked with parents regarding temper tantrums, fleeing when upset, aggression and rage, lack of eye contact, anxiety, disconnect, OCD, bedwetting, social anxiety and have seen wonderful change with a remedy blend. Fearfulness, stress, anxiety and nervousness has decreased dramatically and in many cases, disappeared using the flower remedies, as well. I have also worked with moms as life can become overwhelming.
    I don’t work on the “diagnosis” I work on individual challenges and work to bring every individual I work with hopefully to living their best life – living life happy. Click below to make an appointment for a free consultation.
    • Jamal Struggles with Autism - Duration: 109 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      Jamal has been diagnosed on the spectrum and struggles with behavioral problems like many other children -on the spectrum or not. We have been able to help potty training, help anger challenges ...
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