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    This Owner Operator Review reveals Status Transportation Pay, Loads, and what it is like to be an Owner Operator with Status Transportation.

    Hello, my name is Scott Harkin, I've been with Status Transportation since 2016. I've been driving since 2006, started my career with Covenant Transport, I spent some time with them for about 9 or 10 years.

    Then I became an Owner Operator and went to work for Landstar for about 15 months. Landstar is a good company, but they take a lot more percentage. They take anywhere from 65%-72% working there. I was just barely making it.

    I started researching Status Transportation pay for about 6 months. If you have your own trailer you get 85%. So, when I came over here I basically got a 20% increase in pay right off the top.

    Even on a bad week Status Transportation pays good, you can’t lose.

    I started off with 1 truck now I’m up to 4 trucks and I don’t see myself stopping. I’m making money, my drivers are happy, they are making money, everybody is making money, even on a bad week you’re going to make money, Status Transportation pays.

    My dispatcher’s name is Nelson, I’ve been on his board for a little over a year. Communication is the key. We have a great friendship, I trust him with me and my trucks. I tell him to Just book the loads. He knows what he is doing. He doesn’t have to always ask me all the time because I trust him and that is the key to making money. You have to trust your dispatcher.

    I’ve worked with other dispatchers here when mine is on vacation and they all seem to be really good. To me, it doesn't matter which one you have because they all work for you and they all work together.

    I usually try to stay within the Midwest. I usually try to stay away from the northeast, the north-west. I don’t go to California. My routes are usually anywhere from Georgia up to Virginia’s over to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and back down to Texas and over and everywhere in between. That’s where the money is.

    The long hauls usually pay less, the short hauls and overnight are where you usually make your money and that’s what I try to do. If I’m out here away from my family, then I want to make the most that I can.

    The loads that I get are usually paper loads, they are heavy loads, but it’s a mixture it just depends on where you are. We all want lite loads but the heavier loads are the ones that pay, it’s just the way it is. It’s trucking. If you have been in the business you know what the deal is, it’s usually the heavy loads that pay. We are equipped to carry 80,000 lbs and I don’t have a problem carrying 80,000 lbs. Granted I want the lite loads, it is what it is.

    For other owner operators looking to find a better company. I would have no problem showing you how much Status Transportations pays my checks from the past 4,5,6,7 weeks to show you that there is money to be made here. It’s not just me saying “Oh come over here this is a good company”.

    I’ve been to the big companies, I have researched. I’ve got friends in the business at other companies and they are coming here because it’s cut and dry. Status Transportation pay is 85% of the load, you know exactly what the load pays. There is no in between. You speak with your dispatcher, he gets the load for you, he talks to you about the load if you want it or not. If you want more money he tries to get you more money and it’s cut and dry.

    The settlements are very easy to read. It has the load, how much it pays, how much Status Transportation takes and how much you get paid. It is easy to read. There aren’t 10 pages of settlement sheets to where you need a lawyer to read it for you. It’s cut and dry and simple which makes it very easy on everybody else.

    I suggest that you do your due diligence and research the company. Trust me you are not going to go wrong, you are going to make money here. Every owner operator that I talk to sort of doesn’t believe me because we all hear stories out here of my company is better than your company. I would have no problem if you ran into me, I would show you my last 2 months of paychecks that way you can see that it is week after week after week that you are going to make money and good money at that.

    If you are a good hard worker then you are going to make money that’s the bottom line.

    When I come in here everybody knows me by name. They are happy to see me, they are always appreciative of the hard work we do.

    As far as Status Transportation, I don’t see myself leaving here at all. This is where I am going to retire.

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