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    Helpful Advice If You Want To Start A Preschool

    Running a preschool can be a good business option for you if you have lots of energy and like to nurture and mold young minds. Typically, the age range of children whom you will be working with is three to five years old. As part of your daily routine, you will be guiding these children as they play and providing them with learning opportunities that will prepare them for kindergarten. Depending on your state's jurisdiction, you can operate a preschool from your home or from a facility that you have rented or acquired. Here are some details that can help you in starting a preschool.

    First, you should learn about your local state laws that govern the opening of a preschool. Every state has its own set of laws, so it is important that you get familiar with those of your home state. You can get more information from your local Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Child Welfare. You will have to apply for a license, which involves paying the proper fees and undergoing a background check to rule out previous criminal activities or child abuse charges. Your home or preschool facility will probably be inspected before you get the license.

    You will have to fulfill the education requirements to run your preschool as well. Check if your state requires you to possess a specific degree or certificate in early childhood education. If you do not have the credentials to fulfill these requirements yourself, you will have to hire someone else with those credentials to take the role of director of the school.

    Next, you should create a business plan for your school's operations on how you will start a preschool. Figure out much money you will need to start up your preschool and to maintain operations. Factor in expenses for marketing, salaries (if you hire a teacher or director), licenses, rent, and supplies. Decide on how many children you can enroll and what the enrollment and tuition fees will be. Determine what hours your preschool will be open, what times your classes will run, and what days it will be closed.

    Also be sure that your facility can accommodate the number of students you will be teaching based on your state's requirements. Furnish your preschool space with furniture appropriate for small children, arts and craft supplies, teaching materials, games, books, stationery, and all sorts of kindergarten readiness activities.

    When you start a preschool, also make sure that your facility has all the safety features as required by your state, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and safety locks on cabinets.

    Next, be sure that your teacher to student ratio is met appropriately. If you need to hire assistants, check your state's requirements for credentials and background checks.

    You should also consult an insurance agent on the proper liability insurance that you should get for your preschool. This will cover any injuries or damages that occur on the premises while you are teaching.

    As you can see, starting a preschool is fairly straightforward if you know the right approach. After all that is done, you can start advertising your business. Get the word out to local parent groups, and post flyers at your local library and community bulletin boards. Before you know it, your preschool will be buzzing with little children! Show less
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