• Seven Lions - Falling Away ft. Lights (Halogen Remix) [Exclusive] - Duration: 4 minutes, 3 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    •Proximity - Your favorite music you haven't heard yet.
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    Halogen continues to impress with their remixes, this time o...
  • ArtsForCare - Channel

    • 37 videos
    Arts For Care, Inc. Real heART

    More than just industry, we're compassion.

    Arts For Care is where Art and Media meet and integrate to promote innovative solutions to fight against poverty.

    The very
  • TheMrLeoniasty - Channel

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    głupie filmiki + dużo montowania = jeszcze głupsze filmiki
  • RatedComedyTV - Channel

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    Comedy Channel
  • Alex Karpenko - Channel

    • 48 videos
  • Saud Bin Ali - Channel

    • 1,142 videos
  • David Renton - Channel

    • 117 videos
    Videos about my work in teaching Computer / Video Games Development. Also some Worship Videos I created for Christian camps that I used to run.
  • Atkins Ears - Channel

      AtkinsEars Here, Daily Vlogger, Weird, Random, Funny, Gay, Canadian, Body Modification. I Am Also Apart Of The Youtube Channels BodMod101 Where We Have Daily Videos, BodMod102 Where You Can Upload Vid
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    • lsdjkv - Channel

        رفع مسلسل تكي بشكل منتظم وانشاء الله رفع مسلسلات اخرى ومحتويات جديدة.
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      • Daniel Bostock - Channel

        • 64 videos
        The issue for me is that the current state of government holds a monopoly on the use of force and is funded via the initiation of force (or threat thereof). They get paid if they do good or bad, as pe
        • CHANNEL
      • spanish4real - Channel

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        maquillaje y habladuria
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      • manny Solano - Channel

        • 924 videos
        Estamos en la segunda etapa del programa De Noche Con Manny, ahora internacional, creamos esta nueva cuenta para nuestro nuevo programa, que esperamos superar todo lo del primero.
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      • Tédio Na Segunda - Channel

        • 113 videos
        ● Bem vindos ao Canal Tédio Na Segunda!
        Somos um novo Canal que viemos para fazer a revolução no Youtube Brasileiro !
        Acompanhe-nos neste caminhada , Que a por
        • CHANNEL
      • VirtigoStudio - Channel

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        Virtigo Studio is a premier photography & videography studio specializing in state of the art studio photography, on-site captures, digital imaging, prints and more. Call 014-600 0003 or email alan.th
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      • Aggressive Comix - Channel

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        It's a channel for nerds by nerds!
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      • 0 Subscribers - Channel

        • 63 videos
        Random videos
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      • PalavraNerd - Channel

        • 139 videos
        Desenhos do mundo Nerd e curiosidades das palavras que nos cercam neste universo de quadrinhos, games e filmes!

        F.A.Q do Palavra Nerd:

        1. Que programa você usa pra desenhar? Photoshop, pró
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      • JustTurnOnTheCamera - Channel

        • 422 videos
        Pretty simple. I just turn on my camera and with minimal editing I bring you my thoughts and opinons.

        Subscribe and join #TeamSlacker

        Note: I do NOT do "box4box" with people I don't know. Nothin
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      • tinNendo - Channel

        • 1,978 videos
        Im Auftrag ewiger Jugend und Glückseligkeit!
        Hier gibt es all das, was man so gar nicht erwartet - Videospiele und sehr viel Blödsinn.
        Marcel mein Name, Jahrgang '93 und relativ merkwürdig. Meine Elte
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      • TexasGirly1979 - Channel

        • 449 videos
        Cute and fun moments of 9 year old Pit Bull Sharky and 14 year old Max-Arthur who loves to ride iRobot Roomba vacuum.
        Sharky went to puppy Heaven Dec 22 2014 at the age of 9. We really miss him. So g
        • CHANNEL
      • Fullscreen - Channel

        • 159 videos
        Welcome, welcome to our official Youtube page! Consider this your #1 source for all things Fullscreen, the video streaming service with all the originals, shows, and movies you love. Oh yeah, and did
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      • We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Goat Edition) - Duration: 77 seconds.

        • 7 months ago
        'All I Want For Cristmas is a Goat' är årets viktigaste julalbum. Skivan som består av åtta julsånger är framtagen för att uppmärksamma det arbete som ActionAid bedriver och visa på vilken skillnad...
      • Sqwak's Chicken and Corndogs will be featured before The Sponge Bob Movie in Alamo Drafthouse Theaters across the U.S.!


        Chicken and Corndogs - Duration: 2 minutes, 4 seconds.

        • 3 years ago
        Yee Haw!! It is time for a hoedown, let's get us some Chicken and Corndogs! Brought to you by those amazing guys at Sqwak Productions.

        Join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/sqwakdotcom...
      • Hey America!

        Go to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema across the country and see Sqwak.com's "Haferflocken" in the pre show!

        Haferflocken - Sqwak.com - Duration: 116 seconds.

        • 3 years ago
        Do you like your oatmeal? Yes Ich mag meine Haferflocken
        Ya, you must purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/haferflocken-single/id5...
        Wollen Sie noch mehr Haferflocken? Yes, I want more...
      • We are part of the funniest show on TV. Bald Man Bongos will be featured this season! Don't miss TruTV's Top Funniest tonight at 10pm!

        Tru's Top Funniest - Duration: 43 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        Season premier Tuesday, April 29th at 10PM on truTV!
      • We thought it would be funny to have "Bald Man Bongos" try out for America's Got Talent. To our surprise we performed for the judges in Hollywood!

        Bald Man Bongos: Howie Mandel Gets His Head Slapped - America's Got Talent 2014 (Highlight) - Duration: 68 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        When he volunteers to become part of the act, Howie Mandel gets his head slapped by the Bald Man Bongos crew. See the painful performance!
        » Get The America's Got Talent App: http://bit.ly/AGTApp
      • We thought it would be funny to have "Bald Man Bongos" try out for America's Got Talent. To our surprise we performed for the judges in Hollywood! Don't miss it Tuesday, May 27!


      • Bald Cat Bongos - Duration: 56 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        It's a funny hairless cat with four bald men!
        Don't miss us on Season 9 of America's Got Talent!
        Bald Man Bongos!

        Website: http://www.sqwak.com/
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sqwakdotcom
      • It's Bald Man Bongos!

        Share it with a bald loved one today!

        Bald Man Bongos - Duration: 50 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        Have you ever just wanted to slap a bald guy?

        Website: http://www.sqwak.com/
        Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sqwakdotcom
        Twitter: https://twitter.com/@sqwakdotcom

        A big thanks to:
        David Evano...
      • CollegeHumor - Channel

        • 2,815 videos
        Original and funny videos from CollegeHumor.com, one of the most popular comedy sites on the web. Enjoy CH's award-winning sketches, animations, music videos and web series, delivered right to your (d
        • CHANNEL
      • Jimmy Kimmel Live - Channel

        • 2,922 videos
        The official Jimmy Kimmel Live! YouTube Channel. Home of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, YouTube Challenges and the rest of your favorite viral late night videos.
        • CHANNEL
      • Jingle Bellies - Duration: 61 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        It's Jingle Bellies -The Santa Claus Slap!
        Celebrate the holidays with Sqwak.com's version of Jingle Bells!
      • It's "Turkey Talk: The Salmonella Slap"!

        Check it out, then wash your hands...

        Turkey Talk: The Salmonella Slap - Duration: 33 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        Three drummers lay down some sweet beats on raw turkey meat! Turkey Talk is an experience of poultry sounds that cannot be described, only seen. Enjoy "Turkey Talk: The Salmonella Slap"!
      • Sqwak.com's "Tummy Talk" just took Silver at the London International Awards!

        Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo - Duration: 97 seconds.

        • 3 years ago
        Download "Tummy Talk the App!"

        Get the ringtone here:

        Check it out as these t...
      • Tummy Talk App Review - Duration: 96 seconds.

        • 3 years ago
        Tummy Talk App Review!! Play this game and love life.

        Video courtesy of Tiny Galaxy content creator Stickycover

        For more videos from Stickycover
        Click here: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/Stickycov...
      • Tummy Talk The App is now available on Android devices!


      • Tummy Talk App Review! - Duration: 91 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        With the Tummy Talk App you have your very own Human Drum on which you can beat your tunes, but don't take my word for it check out the experts!, on Apple iPhone5 iOS

        Tummy Talk Viral Video: http:...
      • Mustache Summer - Duration: 2 minutes, 9 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        It's a Mustache Summer! Working for 8 bucks an hour is a bummer.

        Forget Movember with this enchanting diddy about a man, a mustache, and a dream to be something bigger than a plumber with a smile.
      • Take some time off of your Monday and enjoy some Sqwak videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNro2N2oH-UUEurvqlc...

      • The Slap Song, by Sqwak.com - Duration: 36 seconds.

        • 3 years ago
        58 Men + 1 Angry Hand = The Slap Song! by Sqwak.com
        Check out our latest app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id655241455

        If life in America has beaten you down, then surely you feel like this! Watch...
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