• Is Tantra Political? Rainbow Gathering 2013 Greece(part 1)

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    Is Tantra and Rainbow Gathering political ?
    One of the text what i shared on many of our workshops at Rainbow Gathering. What do You think about it ? I hope would provoke for discussion and confront some stereotyping thinking...
    In the movie what I'm making, I'm asking people: „Is Rainbow political ?", " Is tantra political ?". Of course it is. We would like all to change the world for a better place, we would like to save the planet, we all would love to give example to the world, that whole 2000 people can eat vegan food for whole month, that there peace, equality,freedom and love is possible. Many of us would bring that beautiful energy back home, many would spread that love to their friends, families, surroundings etc. That's great ! That's wonderful ! Fantastic. It will bring the change. But is it enough ?

    Copying American life style by Chinese and Indian people is going so fast. Even if we, each of us, after Rainbow Gathering, would menage to commit 2 people for vegan diet, we still would not balance that change. This is small example of many. Next could be: If all Chinese and Indian people would get a car we would be already fucked. Its going fast in that direction.

    If You would live in early 30ties and You would see the Nazis empire coming, with this knowledge what it brought would You not like to stop it in all possible way, on all levels what You could?

    The worse that Nazi time's is happening now in front of us. Millions of people are dying as consequence of climate change and not enough is done to stop it. We got freaky whether records in all parts of the world.

    In Amsterdam we sadly joking, that summer that's only this few sunny days and Amsterdam summer fashion collection that's plastic rain jacket, with par of wellington boots. Still is very rare that You would hear about it in propaganda machine -- TV ( idiot box ). One of the best thing what we can do o reduce climate change is to make our consumption smaller. The main massage in mainstream media is to " buy more ". Second important reason of TV propaganda is to spread ignorance. Every day big portion of news what we can't do nothing about it and we do nothing about it, make us immune for any need for action at all. So no wonder nothing is changing, - not enough.

    The other problem is those who wish the change got divided : Peaceful, not peaceful. Wishing that in the times of TV propaganda circumstances, that meat or weapon industry would end just by soft, wishful thinking is a big dream. Wake up!

    From the other hand radical actions what doesn't have social support ( because they're not peaceful enough ) also do not have enough big impact. It's time to unite, to acknowledge all aspect of our struggle, for better world, to save the planet. As tantra is teaching us to recognise, acknowledge, respect and use all aspect of our life, we also should use anger from love in our struggle. Let's free energy of Kali in our struggle to destroy all weapon and meat industry, let's support loudly those actions. We live in disaster bigger than WW2. Time to wake up ! Time to unite! Time to act in all possible way in all levels ! Do something now! The Earth is dying and needs Your help. NOW!

    ...more would follow in video interview at
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    Action group Round Up Monsanto successfully shut down the main Monsanto plant in the Netherlands, formally De Ruiter Seeds. Forty activists chained themselves to the entrance gate at the wake of day and prevented personnel from entering the office buildings and greenhouses.
    Thierry Boyer, head of Monsanto's European vegetable division, contacted his superiors and decided not to press charges.As a result the police will not interfere. " The company will be effectively close for the day", the police chief in charge confirmed.
    Clearly Monsanto is afraid of more negative publicity connecting the company to a police eviction, and prefers to close down the plant where 350 people are employed.
    Many employees welcomed the action and said they were not happy with the take over of De Ruiter Seeds by Monsanto in 2008.
    This action is part of the growing world wide resistance against Monsanto and other multinational agro-businesses.
    Banners on the gates and on the Monsanto logo on the premises said:
    "Monopoly on food and toxic agriculture - the world according to Monsanto" and "Imagine a world without poison and without GMO's - a world without Monsanto".

    De Ruiter Seeds is the 3d Dutch vegetable seed company that was bought up by Monsanto in recent years. With these acquisitions the company aims to monopolise the vegetable seed market.

    Monsanto is part of the 'Round Table of Responsible Soy' (RTRS), a greenwash initiative to label RoundupReady GM soy as 'responsible'. The label will be launched in June this year.
    more + photos at indymedia.nl
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