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    Pimento Drink Taste Test Review https://www.specialtysodas....... from Specialty Sodas.

    Join Natalia as she reviews the Pimento Spicy Ginger Drink. The Pimento Drink comes in in a 250ml squat glass bottle and is from France. It is a smaller bottle than the traditional 12oz glass soda bottles so it is easier to carry for travel.

    The Pimento Drink has a gold and red label that gives a sophisticated feel. The Pimento logo has a pepper in the center with vines and thorns around it that will give off the feeling that this drink may be aggressively spicy. The Pimento Drink is supposed to be served chilled and can be drunk neat or mixed. This is a drink that you can add alcohol to.

    It is only 70 calories per bottle with 18 grams of sugar and no sodium. The ingredients are carbonated water, sugar, acidifier, citric acid, natural flavors, acesulfame k, sucralose and caramel color. The top of the bottle states that it is a twist off.

    Once opened, you will see that the Pimento Drink is lightly carbonated. Her first impressions are that the Pimento Spicy Ginger Drink smells really gingery. On the outside it has a yellow look, but when looking at the soda directly it is more clear. When pouring the beverage, there is a lot of carbonation and it leaves a thin layer of froth on the top from the bubbles. It feels like it will be a fresh and healthy drink.

    It tastes really good and has a surprising kick to it that is hot. At first it is sweet and has a ginger and sugary taste to it, and then the kick from the heat comes in. This is why there is a pepper on the logo with thorns behind it. It has an aftertaste that is a really spicy feeling. There is a lot of spice to it. It is really spicy, but not a heat to it, but a kick to it that leaves a tingly sensation, like an actual pepper. The thing that overtakes you is the tingly spicy feeling. It does have a gingery sugar aftertaste to it. This is such a strong drink that will bring a heat to your entire body.

    This is a drink that will definitely be good as a mixer because it has a heat taste that might cancel out the alcohol taste. Pimento Drink can be paired with something that is not too flavorful since the drink is already strong. Drinking Pimento by itself would be great, but maybe adding some alcohol to it would be good. It can be paired with a light and fresh tasting food item like sushi because the ginger would go well with the sushi.

    "This drink will kick your butt!" It has a kick to it, and if you haven't tried it before, you will be in for a surprise. Pimento Drink is a five star beverage, and everyone should try it because it is really unique. It will leave you feeling cleansed because of the ginger flavor. It will leave a lingering heat in your body though. This drink is reminiscent of the ginger flavor you get when eating sushi.

    If you want to try the Pimento Spicy Ginger Drink and want to know where to buy Pimento, you can get it from Specialty Sodas.

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