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    YX Lee
    will you guys come to malaysia or singapore thailand etc..?? if you guys did that will be super awesome!!
    We would really, really love to. Let's hope we can make it happen soon!
    Helen Elgie
    Is there a video schedule? Or do the videos come out randomly?
    Ajani Goldmane
    What happened to big night in ?? Was my fav vids u guys made
    How To Make Sushi
    the best food channel
    Sanna Benba
    I noticed through out a lot of your videos you use a lot of garlic. Is there a substitute for it in spices? I have an allergy to garlic so I cannot eat it. I know you can completely toss it out of moss dishes but there are a few where people who eat my cooking state that it's extremely needed pizza, spaghetti, burgers, etc and since it's one of the most universal spices in dishes or seasoning packets it's hard to figure out a good substitute that caters to my needs and those I sometimes cook for.
    Alexandria Crayne
    they should get a chicken so they get free egg for life. (the chicken life)
    random i know
    Kirati Wilhelm
    So today I made spotted dick and custard and when I put it on the serving dish, I said, ''Thats how you make spotted dick... Sorted!'' Then everyone around me thought I was crazy and did not get the reference XD And thank you for the recipe! It was so good :D
    Rock N Roll 4 Ever
    hey guys, where is your "3 things to do with ..." videos ? I cant seem to find them.
    Which one are you looking for? We have all of the recipes still on SORTEDfood.com!
    Madara Kleva
    Hey guys you shud tray Latvian food
    Your channel might be nice if someone wants entertainment, but for information the huge add in the vid is a no go. Do you really have to do this?
    Adam Hill
    Please bring back big night in and you will gain a subscriber, highlight of the channel.
    Jessica Harrier
    I agree, LOVE big night in!
    galih ayu setyorini (ayustyrn)
    Come to indonesia!!
    Trevor Walls (chimera98)
    How about some funnel cake, or something like that?
    Srionti Maitra
    You guys are the absolute greatest. I am the kind of person that only enjoys moving if it's towards food, and this channel and all your banter feeds my soul and makes my pancreas happy. (Since the TRUE seat of happiness is the pancreas. Do not Google this. Google will lie.) I was depressed over the summer and watching your new videos was always the highlight of my day. I feel so much better now and continue to enjoy every new series and recipe. I also deeply appreciate you guys calling the Chai Creme Brulee A Masala Chai Creme Brulee and not bloody chai tea, which is a phrase that gets on my last Bengali nerve. Cheers from Kolkata and Durham, and give Tyrone all my love. <3 May your bellies be full of food and hearts full of light. (And your desserts topped with a sprig of mint :P )
    Wendhy Rodríguez Maldonado
    Definitely subscribed! This is an awesome channel, I love every aspect that make it up.
    Julia Tran
    what happened to the lost and hungry thing?
    Peter Ahlers
    Since I'm a broke college student without a dishwasher, you guys should do recipes with only using a skillet. Great vids!
    Don Edward Dela Rosa
    Hey Can you make bacon desserts? :D
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