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    E&R Nährung
    Hey, I love your cool attitude. Just subscribed to your channel! Best regards from Germany! Fabian
    SORTED Food
    +E&R Nährung Thanks Fabian and welcome! :)
    How To Make Sushi
    the best food channel
    Jess Searle
    Am I missing something? I can't find the Chocolate Spaghetti meatball recipe on your website?
    Jess Searle
    +SORTED Food Thanks for the previous link..... I'm sorry to be annoying. But the ingredients and recipe are not displayed.
    Mega Nanda
    hello guys.... have you ever eat papaya flower or petai (stinky beans) ??? you have to try them, they're so delicious.
    Kathi B
    I feel like Ben says the word simple in 99% of your videos
    C Condy
    First I want to say how much I love your videos. I've tried a lot of them and they are always a big hit. I alter your spicy ones since the hubby can't eat hot food, but all in all they are fabulous. I do want to let you know that I returned your Food with Friends book to Amazon. I purchased the Kindle version and it was impossible to read the book. You cannot enlarge the font, or use an index to go to what you want to make. Sorry that you lost the sale, but it was a lot of money for something that was not usable for me. I will be ordering your book in the paperback format as soon as I can afford the exchange rate and the shipping costs to Australia. I would have much preferred the ebook but oh well. If you guys get someone to fix that ebook, please let me know because I'd rather that! Thanks for being so great and cooking such delicious meals!
    Christina Shih
    Hey GUYS! You should definitely well have a REstaurant !!! haha and possibly your own SORTED Food Trucks as you travel internationally haha. :D Kudos all your teamwork and passion for all kinds of yummy food! Great ideas! Wanted let you know I started watching your videos, needing to learn many recipes can make with just one kind of food example like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc! I tried the cucumber smoothie was awesome! I had also made my own smoothie (watermelon, cinnamon, blueberries, mango, and little strawberries)! tastes awesome too haha. :] keep up the fabulous work! 
    SORTED Food
    +Christina Shih Thanks Christina, glad you like what we do! :)
    Christina Shih
    For sureeii!!! you guys have some cool humor that definitely keeps the show a bit more upbeat.. neat friends!! 
    Vinnie Sutra
    Know any interesting recipes using #DAIKON?
    Daniel Merja
    Hello SORTED Food from NYC :-). I recently started to watch your show and i find it amazing. Of course subscribed is a must for me now :P. I was wondering if you could take a challenge from me and cook an Albanian dish. They have an amazing cuisine and quite hard to make. Would you like to accept my challenge as i am sure you will nail it! Thank you.
    Jon Pickup
    Hi Guys, LOVE what you do! Could someone please tell me how to grow my own herb garden like Ben's?Thank you!
    Megan Welch
    +SORTED Food, What can I use in the White Chocolate Panna Cotta for double cream if I live in the States and can't find it. Will 600 ml of heavy cream be ok? What will it do for the consistency of the dessert?
    Daniel Ryan
    Greetings Sorted Food, big fan.  With summer winding down and fall getting ready to begin, is there any chance you guys could think up some creative Halloween themed recipes? 
    Hi!! Make Sloppy Joes!! I really wanna try it
    Guilherme Bonn
    I'm making a fish pie, but one of my friends has celiac disease. What kind of flour can I use to make a glute-free Roux? Thanks a lot
    Jenny Connatty
    Will you explore the Green Needs - that we treat our food and body needs with respect... we don't waste but share it, we consider those who have little or none, remember where it came from, appreciate the blood sweat and tears it took to arrive on our plates... Can we become more mindful about the food we crave and eat? We are shrinking planet... population is exploding... will your program flag these necessities, or will it be another light head in the cornflakes 'Cool Cereals' shop, just waiting for a brick to be thrown at it by the hungry homeless masses? Jenny Connatty - Hopefull for your reply ,
    You should make something with feijoas, it's almost feijoa season in New Zealand and we need some new ideas!!
    Harry Yang
    Hey you guys are awesome but I would like to know how to make "Tempeh" at home. It is a fermented soy bean with tempeh mold. And I would like to replace the meat with this. And I have also made a few of your dishes will be making the red pepper risotto soon, I do not have any pictures of it but it turned out very good. Please let me know as soon as possible thanks.
    Can you please make a tres leche cake?
    MKP GF (BOOM Shakalaka)
    O THIBK THE GANG WOULD ALL ENJOY AND HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME WATCHING Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma. Be warned. It is a little bit ecchi so I think Ben might not be able to handle it.
    aurélie perrier
    hey can one digestion made some homemade nutella? that will be awesome!
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