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    Yes. Lets all celebrate my channel and my sprite series 5th anniversary. its 2018 now. this year, is gonna be awesome. February 5th 2013, thats the day i join here. March 2nd 2013, that's what my sprite series started and everyone love my sprite show. hehehe. you guys gave me such wonderful love on this channel. Me and genie will have a second child. XD

    Also, like i said, i will be uploading 2 new videos tomorrow and you all will see what it is. :D

    March 2nd 2013 - Presents.

    if you want more sonic sprite videos please like comment favorite and sub. do it for this channel my friends and please share it with your friends. :D

    Note: The reason why i make sonic sprite videos and make my own fan characters, is because i watch sonic sprite videos back in 2007/2008 with sonic spriters like Coodoo17, 12gamechamp21. SpikeHedgelion8. sailorkwill64. ChiefShadow1750. Supersonic407. Brawlfan1. Maf016. 343shadowmaster. Francis UltimastrikerX. sonicmove2964. Dmetrius96. sonicace1990. Clayman01. Shadowking58. rappersonic16. GreatSilver57. TheCrazyfreak26. MrSonicfan1994. SpriteProduction729. WhiteHoodedWolfZero. DemelzaTheNightwolf. HyperBoom47. DMechaTails. chromemushroom. Akua the Snowwolf. SuperEegle21. SonicBoom48. Sonicpower451. and finally, BFGprime known as MidnightPrime (Her new account). Yes, those are the people on YouTube who inspire me to make my own sonic sprite videos and my own fan characters. they really inspire me a lot. You guys can search for them on YouTube and check them out. i watch there sprite videos nonstop and i see how the story goes, the backgrounds they got from google images witch is ok and i saw them using the characters like Sonic Shadow and Silver talk to each other by using speakonia that was made back in 2005 witch is only meant for windows. Not mac. You see, i been learning alot from these users that they make sonic sprite videos as there own creations and as entertainment. And later, i seen them using sonic fan characters and make there own characters as part of there own creations since then. Now the fan characters are now canon by DeviantART, people is now allow to post there fan characters arts on DeviantART now witch is about time. Anyway, i just told you guys a reason why i'm making sonic sprite videos. I love arts, i love games, and i love people making there own fan characters on DeviantART. its really so inspiring to me to make my own sonic fan characters, and now i did. Yes, i'm a sonic fan, and the people on DeviantART who make a bunch of Sonic fan characters arts as part of themselves in the world is a sonic fan. Thats how i notice and knew about it. It really got a nice touch that people create there own fan characters that doesn't look like sonic and i don't have a problem with people make there own fan characters on YouTube and DeviantART. There's no problem with people doing it. Its part of being creative and some people who is not a sonic fan find it cringe about it. Yeah, some always said that a lot. Its like they don't know what there talking about. Too be honest, i don't know what that word means anyway. I find it a little funny almost. Don't worry, they will come to there senses. They know that they can't stop Americas for making sonic fan characters because thats just how they are and they want to improve there skill of art and there creativity. So, can't judge them by that. In Sonic Forces, we can now make our own custom hero with 7 type of animals and custom there looks. Takashi lizuka the producer of all major Sonic titles, he finally understand why all of us making fan characters and he is just gonna leave it at that. That man is really a good Sonic The hedgehog Series Producer and i'm glad he undertstands. So, maybe one day i will begin my dream of being a character designer and a game designer if i want to. Besides, it is my choice. Actually, its everyone's choice if they want to Achieve there dream if they want to. besides, its not about the game video series or the characters. Its about when people coming up with there own ideas and make there own characters. Besides, if people find it cringe about, then they know they don't have the power to stop people for making sonic fan characters. So, they have to get used to it. No matter what happens.

    my accounts that you can find me at are down below.
    google plus. https://plus.google.com/u/0......

    twitter https://twitter.com/sonicga...

    Discord https://discordapp.com/chan...... Show less
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