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  • Eye Contact Attraction Building Techniques | Create Sexual Attraction In Eyes Fast

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    So you would like to start building attraction and create sexual attraction with your eyes?

    In this video, you will learn three powerful ways to that, including one super-advanced body-language technique.

    Firstly let’s understand the key to eye contact and how to read body language before we learn the techniques:

    • When a girl looks down and away from us with her eye contact then she is showing biological signs that she is attracted to us.
    • When a girl looks to the side of us she is showing signs that she may be attracted to us.
    • When she looks up and away it is a sign that she is not interested in us.

    So taking these signposts into account let’s get into the body language flirting techniques.

    Eye contact attraction building technique number 1 is when we hold deep eye contact with women until they look away first. This works to build attraction as the longer we can maintain eye contact the more tension is created. If you want to supercharge this technique then you can lift your chin slightly so you are almost looking down towards the girl as this also shows off signs of confidence and is a key sign of how to read her eyes.

    Eye contact attraction building technique number 2 is when we flick our attention between both of her eyes and her mouth which creates a triangle with our gaze and is a powerful non-verbal communication skill. This technique is great if you struggle to hold eye contact with women as it takes away the tension of one permanent eye contact, whilst also allowing us to maintain her gaze to start building attraction.

    Eye contact attraction building technique number 3 is when we deliberately look up and away from a girl when she is speaking to us as a way of creating body language attraction. The reason for this is because it actively shows disinterest which biologically gives off the signal that we are attractive, confident and self-assured.

    Go and try these three eye contact attraction building techniques and leave a comment to let us know which one works best for you. Show less
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