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    How much are you going to wait until you start your weight loss correctly and organized? DOWNLOAD my FREE Weight Loss For Beginners Guide from my website and start losing weight right NOW: http://fitwithandy.com/down...
    Hi, I'm Andy. A few years ago I lost weight and got fit. I wanna help other people to correctly start their weight loss journey also. So I have a blog where I created a free weight loss guide for beginners. You know the question I get asked the most by people who downloaded the guide? Does this really works? I mean, it's too simple to work. It's so simple, it's actually common sense. And then it hit me. THIS is the main reason people fail to lose weight. Everybody expects this thing to be a big, hard challenge that's gonna make a huge impact on their lives. So we try and fail over and over again.

    Therefore...the never-ending success of diets and shortcuts which promise stunning results for a pretty big effort. And you can't blame us. Looking at the very low success rate of people who achieve and maintain their weight loss goals, it's logical to assume that it must be really hard to reach them.

    Well, I'm here to tell you this conclusion is WRONG! In my guide, I compare losing weight to learning a new sport. While most of us try to do it like professionals from the start, and sooner or later fail like amateurs, the very few of us learn weight loss step by step. Doing so, you lose weight and become better and better at it, without putting yourself to more stress than you can take, physically or mentally.

    Almost everybody that started losing weight as I suggested, told me they found it really easy once they got past their previous mindset. I'm not gonna lie to you. You need a certain amount of ambition but not nearly as much as you would for a typical diet which usually ends in binging anyway.

    The ambition you need here is to get yourself together, make simple habits and move on only when they become part of yourself. If you're watching this anywhere else besides my blog, head over there, download my weight loss for beginners guide and start your journey the right way. If you like this video press like, share it and leave comments down below. I really appreciate your input on this. See ya!

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