• Let`s Play Alter Ego Play

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  • Let`s Play Together Alien Swarm Play

    This is a Let`s Play Together Of Alien Swarm. Sillygoosesinc and Kjappa87 must help me to defeat some really nasty and REALLY REALLY HARD!!! Enemys when i say hard i really mean HARD!!! There isn`t story to this game so it is kind of hard to tell you what this game is about.

    But The good thing is that this game is 100% Free you can get it on Steam.

    Steam is a free software that is 100% safe where you can buy games online and Download them. The good thing about that is that you don`t need to wait for ages to get the game.

    Anyway The story is about some creatures/Aliens are attacking the planet.

    And we are send out as a Squad Me and Sillygoosesinc and Kjappa87.

    Does we have what it takes to save this planet. Only skills will tell.

    Also Check out Sillygoosesinc Channel:

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  • Let`s Play Yakuza 3 On Ps3 Play

    Yakuza 3 is a Mafia game where you play as a man named Kazuma or Kiyu i dont know if Kiyu is the right name but anyway that is the main charther in the game..

    This is a game that is just awsome a game that was made by Sega and i have always loved Sega games Because most of the games are awsome..

    I have never played any of the Yakuza game soo this is the first one four me..

    It kind of Tekken you know the exstra game that was in Tekken 3 and did come in Tekken 4 and Tekken 6..

    But more awsome.. You are in Japan and if you love Japan and the style you will love this game. It also many cool Minigames and exstra stuff too make the game more awsome...

    And it almoust feels like you are in Japan i have never been in Japan before but i have heard that the place in this game is a Really good Copy of the Real City..

    Soo Watch the videos and Leave a Comment too tell me what you liked and didnt like..

    Also check out my Channel four more Videos and Let`s Plays...
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  • Uploads Play

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