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    Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here again, to talk about gun safes. So you want to buy a gun safe to store your guns and all your valuables in right? No! Gun safes are primarily engineered and designed for guns and some valuables. But Im going to show you today the difference in a really high quality gun safe here and some of the medium and lower end type gun safes that are on the market today.

    There are a lot of gun safes out there. People are trying to sell you a gun safe with very thin metal (18 or 16 gauge metal), very thin. Just like the metal on this safe here. Watch this, this is a common household punch; got a hammer here, look how easy it is to start breaking into this. Took me 3 or 4 seconds to puncture a hole in here, few more minutes you can get into a gun safe that has metal this thin. You want to buy this one? I have it on safe for half price.

    Ok the safe I just drove the punch into easily is only 18 gauge steal. That is 4/100ths of an inch in thickness. When youre looking for a gun safe, start out looking at the more economical end like this Mesa Safe. It has a body that is twice the thickness, over twice the thickness, 8/100ths in body and the door has a 1/4 of steel in it. Plus the locking bolts are 1 in diameter.

    Ok now we are going to move to the better quality safes that are actually rated by Underwriters Laboratory. This Ironman Safe here has a U.L. Residential Security Container Rating (RSC). Lets talk about the construction like we did on the Mesa Safe. This has a ¼ of solid steel in the door. The body is 10 gauge steel which is nearly 3 times as thick as the safe I punched a hole in earlier on. Look at the bolts they have here, they have over 6 bolts here, and a solid bar on the backside here to prevent the door from coming off if someone tries to cut the hinges off. Much better quality construction wise but its going to cost more money.

    Ok finally we are going to take a look at the American Security Gun safe, probably one of the best gun safes made today. This safe has a ½ solid steel plate in the door; it has 2 layers of 10 gauge steel, twice as much as the Ironman in the body. Look at the size of these bolts, 1 ½ inches in diameter. Plus, look for the Underwriters Laboratory Residential Security Container Rating which proves that both the American Security and the Ironman Safe have been tested by Underwriters Laboratory against a burglar attack.

    Finally when youre shopping for a gun safe, be sure to look at the fire rating. For example, the Mesa and Ironman have a one hour fire rating. The AMSEC has a one and a half hour fire rating. We had a fire last summer here in Spokane, a friend of mines house burnt to the ground. Over 12 million dollars worth of homes burnt to the ground. There was an AMSEC gun safe there; everything inside that safe was fine even though they didnt put any water on the fire. So, the fire rating is a really important thing to look at, especially when youre spending a $1000.00 or more on a gun safe. Why spend that kind of money and not have the protection for your important documents and paper.

    A favorite way of the bad guys once they break into your house to gain entry to a safe is to tip it over on its backside. This safe weights about 500 pounds, watch this. So for one man its fairly simple to shove a safe over on the backside. Then they start working on the door, by prying it open. They can get better leverage when the safe is over on its backside. How do you prevent that? Anchor the safe! There are four anchor holes in most all gun safes. Anchor it in all four corners into concrete or wood and this will slow them down or stop them dead in their tracks.

    The last thing I want to discuss is the warranty. Most gun safes have a warranty of 1-5 years. However your best quality gun safes such as the American Security here have a lifetime warranty. If there is a fire and its destroyed or if there is burglary break-in and its damaged severely. AMSECs warranty states send them a copy of the police or fire report and they will ship you a brand new safe and they will pay the freight. What a great warranty.

    The old adage you usually get what you pay for is true when buying gun safes. The lighter the safe and the less it cost, the less protection you are going to have against bad guys and fire. The heavier the safe and the more it cost and the better the warranty the better protection you will have, especially for those high end valuables. So remember if you need a gun safe, go visit SafeandVaultStore.com and give me, Dye the Safe Guy a call. Show less
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