• Rudy greets you with the "Kvak, Kvak, Kvak" song.

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    Welcome to Rudy Rucker's YouTube channel. I'm a science-fiction and science-fact author, a mathematician, a computer scientist, a painter, a cyberpunk, a transrealist. This video shows me atop a bluff in Geiranger, Norway, 2009, feeling cheerful and ready to entertain. I don't normally talk with a fake Norwegian accent. Show less
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  • HIghlights Reel Play all

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  • Performances Play all

    Play, interviews, movie clips, songs.
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  • Chaos and Celluar Automata Play all

    Two videos of computer demos made my Rudy. One is of his "CA Lab" software, the other of the "James Gleick's CHAOS" software.
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  • Brain Food TV Show, 1986 Play all

    Rudy Rucker talking once a month about books and art, on public access TV in 1986 Lynchburg, VA...which was then the home of the right-wing Moral Majority religious movement. Seeds of transrealism, computer culture, and cyberpunk---all are here.
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  • "Jenna and Me" Play all

    Rudy Rucker Sr. & Rudy Rucker Jr. collaborated on a transreal SF story about the life of a San Francisco computer punk in trouble with the Secret Service, with aliens, and with Jenna Bush. These three videos show Rudy Sr. & Rudy Jr. reading of the story at a hipster Mission venue, June 16, 2002... Plus Rudy Jr. explaining the backstory. Plus a Q&A session.
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  • Videos by Rudy Play all

    More or less artistic videos that I've made. "What is Gnarl?" might be the best of these.
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  • Talks on Science Play all

    Talks by Rudy Rucker on natural complexity and the origin of life.
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  • Rudy's Readings Play all

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  • Art Play all

    Discussions of art. Short videos of the paintings hanging in Rudy's occasional shows in San Francisco.
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  • Gnarly Fractals Play all

    Zooms, pans, and warps through higher order Mandelbrot set style fractals, including cubic and quintic Mandelbrots, as well as the "Rudy set." Full info on my blog post at http://tinyurl.com/rudyfractals
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