• Calvin Lee (MD): Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 1st Movement

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    Tchaik - good times. Back then (early 1990s), the video was hard to come by. Internet?? Nah...

    Picture Guide:
    0:00 At McHenry Museum with members of Modesto Symphony Orchestra
    0:08 at the fat cat getting ready for heavy metal on two violins
    0:16 with Rachel Barton Pine on stage
    0:24 Rachel Barton Pine on stage flinging bow
    0:32 with Rachel Barton Pine. Those are her CD's
    0:40 with Rachel Barton Pine trying looking like metal heads - not very successful
    0:48 yes it was a big moment for me to play with famous Rachel Barton Pine
    0:56 another on stage rehearsal moment with Rachel Barton Pine
    1:04 in Turlock in front of Stan State
    1:12 construction on my new office - Surgical Artistry, Inc.
    1:20 the ceiling of my new office being constructed
    1:28: More construction
    1:36 more construction
    1:44 getting closer to completion
    1:52: Even closer to completion. We moved in October 2006
    2:00 hand X-ray: This means that you're going to see more clinical pictures.
    2:08 Trauma pager 5:50 am. Ugh. My "shift" is over at 6am. I took these pictures way after the trauma - don't worry I have my priorities straight.
    2:16 Trauma pager says: "mechanism gun shot"
    2:24 ETA 2 minutes!
    2:32 in the OR at Stanislaus Surgical Hospital
    2:40 Random on stage picture at Stan State. I was actually playing piano there, but I couldn't resist trying out their Steinway D.
    2:48 Other plastic surgeons that my wife knows
    2:56 On TV talking about veins. Local TV.
    3:04 Getting ready for Docs Play the Pops. Dr. Tom Wallace saw my new Steinway didn't even take off his motorcycle helmet. The power of a new Steinway. He plays the piano very very well.
    3:12 The Docs play the pops publicity photo - Docs play the pops is a Doctor music recital and raises money for MJC (Modesto Junior College) music education.
    3:20 Me sitting at a desk
    3:28 Picture in the plastic surgery photography room about 7 years ago
    3:36 Picture at the steinway store where I bought my steinway. With Piano professor Steve English
    3:44 with Matt Haimovitz (famous cellist) and Tammy
    3:52 with Chee Yun (famous violinist) and Tammy (Dr. Wu, the plastic surgeon)
    4:00 Chee Yun playing on my violin
    4:08 with Chee Yun and Tammy (Dr. Wu - not that easy for me to say Dr. Wu when referring to her, but I'm getting better)
    4:16 Charles and Cherrie's (they lent me their video camera which I'm still hogging - I need to give it back soon, because they have something new coming along in their lives) wedding. I got to play violin briefly at their wedding. They are the best friends one could have.
    4:24 at some Bar. I don't even drink. Very very rare picture
    4:32 template to place my piano after we had moved - I love hard wood floors.
    4:39 Piano at my old house. I took this picture, emailed to Steinway guys, and they use it on their computers as their background picture - I went to the piano store recently and saw it on their computer screen background.
    4:47 My violin gets to meet the new piano
    4:55 Yan Yan Chan (my piano teacher) playing on Horowitz's piano, me on the violin
    5:04 my famous constipated look while playing violin
    5:12 close up of the famous constipated look
    5:20 Surgeon me at SSH
    5:28 Surgeon (me) waving good bye after a case at Doctors Medical Center, Modesto

    Orchestra on the sound track is the Brown University Orchestra.

    See my piano video (which is completely different from this one):

    More info? Go to
    http://www.risingpianofire.com (piano)
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