• PROTECTION ~ Ancient Mantras for Warriors of Compassion

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    “PROTECTION” ~ Ancient Mantras for Warriors of Compassion

    “Until all beings are free of suffering, then no one is free. So until then may I remain to dispel the suffering of all.” All things are impermanent. The only thing that is permanent is change. This is an unalterable truth.
    From beginningless time I have wandered in endless cycles of births and deaths (samsara). And yet still I cling so tightly to this fleeting illusion, to this body impermanent, as a bubble on water, as a self. There is no self, that is separate from all things, this is the root of suffering. To free myself from this confusion, may I practice the Perfection of Great Generosity, that transforms the suffering of confusion into Awakening. The profound conduct of cutting off clinging to self.
    What is the greatest gift I have to offer? What is my most precious possession? This body that I cling to, this empty illusion of self, impermanent as a star at dawn, that surely will die. So now I offer it as the Greatest of Gifts. A symbol of my love and compassion for others, that is revealed when the bond of ego clinging dissolves. With the wish that all beings be free from the bonds of our own self cherishing that creates the confusion that is the root of suffering.

    By the force of this great generostiy,

    In an eon of famine, may I myself change into food and drink.
    May the hungry find food, vital and nutritious.
    May the thirsty find water, pure and forever abundant.
    May I become the doctor and the nurse and the medicine
    for all sick beings in the world.
    Until everyone is healed.
    May every disease in the world never occur again.
    May the blind see forms, and the deaf hear sounds.
    May I become an inexhaustible treasure
    for those those who are poor and destitute.
    May the naked find clothing, and the homeless find shelter.
    May I be a clean comfortable bed to rest upon,
    free from fear or harm.
    May I be a Protector for those without one.
    May the powerless find power,
    and may those bound be freed.
    May those with little splendor come to be endowed with majesty,
    and those whose bodies are worn with toil,
    find magnificent and noble forms.
    May the lowly obtain grandeur,
    and the proud be humbled.
    And may beings think of benefiting one another.
    May those weak with sorry find joy.
    The forlorn find hope constant happiness and prosperity.
    May no one ever be afraid or belittled.
    May no ones mind ever be depressed.
    May I turn into all things that anyone could need.
    May I be a lamp for those desiring light.
    May I become a boat, a bridge
    and a guide for all travelers on the way.
    May those feeble with cold find warmth.
    And may those oppressed by heat be cooled.
    May harvests be rich and bountiful,
    And animals be free from the fear of being eaten.
    May all beings be without want for wealth.
    And without it being a source of dispute or harm,
    may they always prosper.
    Just like space and the elements,
    may I always support the life of all beings.
    For as long as sentient beings remain,
    until then too my I abide to dispel the pain in the world.
    May the suffering of beings ripen soley upon myself.
    I value all beings as equal to myself.
    I offer myself for all.
    By this generosity may negativity be transformed into
    Love, Compassion and Kindness.
    May all negativity the effects of harmful actions be purified.
    And may beings think of benefiting one another.
    Stirring the realms from their depths. In these crucial times, the destruction of the planet and division among people, these powerful mantras on the album “PROTECTION” ~ A Ceremony of Protector Prayers, from the unbroken lineages of Tibetan Buddhism are both supportive and timely. This is an ancient spiritual alchemy for transmutation, dispelling negativities for oneself and all beings, thus simultaneously revealing our deepest compassion, that leads us to ultimate Awakening. Just hearing these prayers has unfathomable benefit, protecting us from suffering. Mantras are a direct connection to enlightenment through sound, hearing or reciting this vibrational medicine reunites us with our inherent essence, revealing our true awakened nature. These empowering, energizing mantras set to electronic world fusion music, is the artist’s final album in the celebrated Sacred Trilogy series.

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