• Rap Song in 8 Different Languages

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    This is the third language rap that I've done. Here's the link to my previous one, Rap Song in 7 Different Languages: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
    This new one has the languages from that video (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, Korean & Farsi) as well as the addition of Japanese.

    Lyrics written by me.
    Language consultants: Jose Macias, Renat Gabitov, Michael Manov, Sonia Guggenheim, Jasmine Oh, Steve Nam, Imaan Taghavi, Mehrdad Alvandi, Ehsun Taba & Colin Konishi
    Vocals performed by me.
    Beat produced by DJ Xross.
    Song mixed and mastered by DJ Xross.
    Video shot by me and Lilia Doytchinova.
    Video directed and edited by me.

    As I said more than 8 times in the video, I love you. Thank you for watching, I really appreciate it! I'm sorry I was gone from YouTube for so long but now I'm back. Stay tuned for future material!

    Alright, let's go, you already know
    My name is Liu, this is language rap number 3, you ain't ever heard a motherfucker like me
    Breaking down the barriers between the languages and bringing rap into the 21st century
    It doesn't matter what language I use, people who hear me rap think that I'm the shit
    Because they know that writing a song and rapping in 8 completely different languages is not easy
    But it's easy for me, I can switch my style in a second
    I can do more styles than the number of countries that there are in the world
    In the entire world, there are so many countries that I want to visit
    And Russia is absolutely one of the first among them, damn it!
    And Germany is one of the countries I also really want to visit
    I've always wanted to go to Oktoberfest in Bavaria
    And I also want to go to Asia, I want to visit Korea
    I want to go to Seoul and meet the female Kpop stars
    Then I want to go west, I want to go to Iran
    I want to visit the home of an ancient civilization
    I want to travel around Japan, I want to go to Tokyo
    I'm a pervert, I want to take beautiful Japanese porn stars to a love hotel
    Next I could go to the beaches of Spain and Mexico
    Then I could go back to China and visit Beijing and Shanghai
    Go to the ancient European capitals of Athens and Rome
    But no matter where in the globe I go, man, there still ain't no place like home
    But before I do all that, I need to make some money
    I can't travel yet because I'm poor
    It's a shame we let money decide everything but the world is just that way
    I'm looking at your eyes, nose, lips, call me Taeyang
    Yeah, I'm going worldwide, worldwide
    Don't forget, I'm the best, I'm better than hentai
    I speak German poorly, but I'm getting better, man
    I'm trying my best, doing it better than a lesser man
    I know I have an accent when I speak certain languages, I speak like a foreigner
    I eat the apple with tajín, chilling here in Cali, man, you know what I mean
    This is life, I just want to be happy
    If you're a fucking asshole, I'ma let you know
    If I can rap like that using 8 different languages, imagine me just using one
    Sit back, relax, turn up the track while I spit some shit in my native tongue
    My dream is to go to a bunch of different countries from across the globe
    And film a video of me rapping in the language of every country that I go to
    Got no idea how the events in my life will unfurl
    Only thing I know is that I ain't fucking stopping 'til people hear me all over the world
    Alright, that's all, time for me to say I love you, I love you
    I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! Show less
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