Today everyone is talking about Self-Service BI. 
Today everyone is talking about Self-Service BI. 

But in our opinion Self-Service BI is just like a Unicorn. Everyone is talking about it, but nobody has actually seen it. 
Adoption rates of many known solutions are poor. That is why we wanted to build a true Self-Service BI technology. 

Our customers wants to have an intuitive easy to use tools, that is our main objective that we are challenged day by day. 
We think we are unique with our Search-Driven Analytics, which enables end-users to 'Google' their data, like they 'Google” The WWW. 

Our technology transforms / enables analytics that it can really be used by anyone/anytime on any connected device. Our ASK.BI technology truly enables querying via voice control or typing a query in search-field (Google-like).

Via our technology questions are transformed to multi-relational search query from almost any spoken language (English, German, Slovenian, Russian …) with zero training for the end user - YOU.
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