• 1970 - Reina del Cid

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    We went to one of our favorite record stores in Minneapolis, the Electric Fetus, and recorded a live version of a new song for you this Sunday Morning. I wrote this song from the perspective of someone suffering from Alzheimer's/dementia. Lyrics to 1970 below the tour dates.

    Video: Shane Lattie
    Audio: Adam Tucker (Signaturetone Recording)
    Guitar: Toni Lindgren
    Drums: Nate Babbs
    Bass: Andrew Foreman
    Keys: Joe Peterson
    Vocals/rhythm: Reina del Cid

    I hope you'll come hear this song and a bunch of songs off our new record Rerun City in person when we hit the road starting next week. West Coast, Europe, and Southern U.S., here we come! Tickets: http://www.reinadelcid.com

    Jun 6 - Sioux Falls, SD
    Jun 7 - Lincoln, NE
    Jun 8 - Denver, CO
    Jun 9 - Albuquerque, NM
    Jun 10 - Phoenix, AZ
    Jun 12 - San Diego, CA
    Jun 13 - Los Angeles, CA
    Jun 14 - San Francisco, CA
    Jun 15 - Medford, OR
    Jun 16 - Portland, OR
    Jun 17 - Seattle, WA
    Jun 19 - Langley, B.C.
    Jun 20 - Spokane, WA
    Jun 21 - Billings, MT
    Jun 22 - Bismarck, ND
    Jun 23 - Fargo, ND

    Jul 4 - Oslo, NO
    Jul 7 - Minneapolis, MN
    Jul 10 - Glasgow, UK
    Jul 11 - Leeds, UK
    Jul 12 - London, UK
    Jul 13 - Amsterdam, NL
    Jul 14 - Paris, FR
    Jul 18 - Munich, DE
    Jul 19 - Prague, CZ
    Jul 20 - Berlin, DE

    Jul 24 - Zumbrota, MN
    Jul 25 - Des Moines, IA
    Jul 26 - Kansas City, MO
    Jul 27 - Oklahoma City, OK
    Jul 28 - Dallas, TX
    Jul 29 - Austin, TX
    Jul 31 - Houston, TX
    Aug 1 - New Orleans, LA
    Aug 2 - Jackson, MS
    Aug 3 - Memphis, TN
    Aug 4 - Peoria, IL
    Aug 5 - Winona, MN

    Aug 10 - New York City w/ Josh Turner
    Aug 11 - Cambridge, MA


    I got a telephone, it never rings
    I’m just making calls to memories
    but on my better days I know
    the last years have cost me dearly

    Been smoking cigarettes
    about a pack a day
    just waiting for my lover
    to come back to me
    in my checkered dress I know
    it’s been a long time since 1970

    Pretty baby
    the kitchen light is on
    and I’m dancing to our favorite song
    I’ve been waiting, and I hope it won’t be long now

    Don’t know where I am
    Or who put me here
    But by a trick of light
    I’m in my Oldsmobile
    you see my good days are the worst days
    ‘cause I’m alive there in 1970

    Pretty baby
    they got the TVs on
    and I’m watching reruns all night long
    I’m still waiting
    but I fear there’s something wrong

    They took my telephone
    but I still hear it ring
    I’m getting calls from infinity
    I know
    it’s just static but I’m listening Show less
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