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    The information presented in this music video is compiled from diverse sources and is a fluctuating estimate with many factors. Viewers are encouraged to research any figures they may question in order to empower themselves with knowledge & to raise awareness of the current human condition.

    Featuring 3D animations by Hairy Monster Digital Graphics & Design (http://www.hairym.co.uk/), 2D animations & kaleidoscopic effects from The Nocturnal House, as well as found footage from the following sources: The Night Lab, N.A.S.A., U.S. & Russian military, "Our Mr.Sun"(1956), & "Machine Gun Mama" (1944)

    © 2014 RAISED BY ALIENS & The Nocturnal House


    250,000 children are serving as soldiers in current armed conflicts

    100 million+ animals are killed in U.S. laboratories for testing every year

    There are currently over than 17,300 nuclear warheads on Earth

    1 in 8 bird species is facing extinction

    Each year 540,000 humans experience intentional or violent deaths in areas not affected by war… as a result of homicide, murder, or suicide

    10 million children are involved in prostitution worldwide

    Prostitution of children exists in every country

    100 million people including pawns, bonded labourers, trafficked women & children currently live as slaves

    Global average cost of a slave $90

    For every soldier that dies during war, 4 non-active citizens die as a result of war

    437 functioning nuclear power plants on earth

    72 more are being built right now

    1 in 5 reptile species are currently threatened with extinction

    1.8 million children die each year from unsanitary water

    there are 9 million prisoners worldwide

    the world spends $1.8 trillion each year on military forces

    100 million people have no shelter or home whatsoever

    another 100 million people live in temporary shelters sleep in tents or abandoned buildings

    livestock are commonly excluded from animal cruelty laws

    the world spends $105 billion each year on nuclear weapons

    1.7 billion people lack access to electricity and modern forms of energy

    2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation (2/5 of the world's population)

    Public stoning is practiced in 15 countries

    1,500 women die every day from complications in pregnancy or childbirth that are preventable

    55% of the U.S. prisoners are non-violent offenders

    130 million children have lost one or both parents this year

    25,000 child brides under the age of 18 are forced into marriage every day

    1 in 3 amphibian species face extinction

    40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS

    126 million children work in hazardous conditions, endure beatings, humiliation or sexual violence by their employers

    3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day

    22,000 children die each day due to poverty

    58 countries permit the use of capital punishment

    1 out of 45 children are homeless

    The rapid loss of species we see today is 1,000x - 10,000x higher than the natural extinction rate

    2/3 deaths in children under the age 5 are preventable

    1% of what the world spends every year on weapons could put every child in school

    $60 billion per year could alleviate poverty worldwide


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