• Breaking Erotic Alert - Midnight Reader by Jeff Funk

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    Greetings, erotica readers. We are the EROTICATI (err-OTT-uh-KAH-tee). It has come to our attention that Jeff Funk has written steamy stories, the likes of which have left the world whispering: Jeff. Funk. Is responsible for the short story collections, Bad Boy. Curious. Rascal. Stranger. And Midnight Reader.

    The storytelling, features males only. This revelation has led some to believe that the material is "gay erotica" (err-OTT-ick-uh), which may indeed be the case.

    However, as in real life, men involved in such activity often deny the true focus of their desires. Therefore, it is up to the reader to decide whether hetero-normative illusions are to be believed.

    Parents are cautioned to keep a stern pokerface while indulging in such "leisure reading." We have also noticed that, elderly readers. Have shown increased awareness of such literature, which harkens to a bygone era of pulp fiction.

    We are the Eroticati. We do not forget bad kissers. We do not forgive nonreciprocal encounters. You should've expected us to come.

    Letter in response:

    "At this time, I'd like to deny rumors of my involvement with an ancient erotic cult known as the Eroticati or the 'Erotic Ones' — a cabal of adepts said to possess mastery of seduction, sexual techniques & alchemy.

    "Nevertheless an exposé of my writing has been the subject of a pre-viral video on YouTube, asserting that my stories contain intense scenes which may provoke sexual urges and cause little old ladies to faint. Reader discretion is strongly advised." —JF

    Midnight Reader (Twelve Erotic Tales) by Jeff Funk includes the first four books of the Midnight Reader series. http://amzn.com/B008LDQAIY

    #1 Bad Boy. Bad boy—he's hot and knows it. In the first story, "Sex in the Streets," a twenty-something skateboarder punk encounters a forty-year-old shy guy who has a few tricks of his own to teach. Richard and Jim are workout buddies home on summer break, and tonight they're going to meet up with Jim's other buddy. Greg just got a new dorm roommate who's so handsome that Greg can't stop fantasizing about kissing this whiskery stud. http://amzn.com/B0089NP988

    #2 Curious. Men have animal urges and sometimes they're looking for action, even if it's with another man. First a college boy with a fetish for sniffing jockstraps learns that he's not the only frat brother who's into dudes. A straight construction worker with a high sex drive gets seduced by Jake in "Leaving My Mark." A convention in Washington, D.C. brings together a pair of young businessmen who find pleasures at night in the city. http://amzn.com/B0089NPAHS

    #3 Rascal. Some men are rascals and they're getting it on at every turn. At the leather bar, while the guys' shenanigans on stage are raising hell, an out-of-town stud winds up in some trouble of his own in "Den of Heathen Desires." It's blackout night at the bathhouse and passion awaits in room sixty-nine at the end of the hallway. Then the country boys are at it again at the Rusty Screw jeans and leather bar enjoying each other's hospitality. http://amzn.com/B0089NLHZM

    #4 Stranger. For men who desire men, nothing matches the heat of a quick encounter with a stranger. Eric finds lust in the airport terminal in Miami before meeting an exotic hunk in Nicaragua. On a camping trip, a male couple discovers that they're not alone—someone is watching from the woods. Ahoy! Set sail on a cruise where desires between men take hold on ship and shore. http://amzn.com/B0089G0BME

    Twelve o'clock. Twelve erotic tales intended for mature readers.

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