• Volusia County Sheriff, Police Harassment 12/26/2014 Part 2/4

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    Volusia County Sheriff Police Encounter 12/26/2014 Part 2/4
    On Friday, 26 Dec. 2014 at 12.30 A.M. deputy Wheeler (badge #8076), deputy Shamburg (a woman, badge #8073) & Sgt. Miles (badge #2340) of the Volusia County, Fla. sheriff's dept. hopped my locked chain-link fence and demanded that my son come out for a "wellness check." If he didn't emerge the S.W.A.T. team would be called in to break down my door. In part two I was told that the S.W.A.T. team was on its way. At 2.30 A.M. I called the sheriff's office to learn that the police had gone and no S.W.A.T. team was ordered.

    The cop I'm interacting with, who claimed that the S.W.A.T. team was on the way to break into
    my house is Volusia County sergeant, & hostage negotiator Gregory Miles, the father of former cop Michael Gregory Miles who was fired for having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

    The elder Miles (the one you can barely hear) who's concerned for my son cited a brother officer who was drunk out of his mind with improper lane change and not with D.U.I. See below:

    Re: Volusia Sheriff's Sgt. Vickery Driving Drunk? Release of swerving sheriff's sergeant raises questions November 04, 2008 "Daytona Beach News-Journal" By LYDA LONGA Staff Writer http://www.news-journalonli....... An off-duty Volusia County sheriff's sergeant who admitted he was too drunk to remember his own tag number avoided a DUI even though he swerved his truck 10 times along Ponce Inlet's main thoroughfare, a police report shows. Sgt. Kenneth Vickery was never arrested or charged with DUI by Ponce Inlet police Officer Chris Selander during a Sunday morning traffic stop. Now Vickery and Selander will be the focus of separate internal affairs investigations by their respective agencies. Officials said Vickery's investigation will focus on his actions when he was stopped in Ponce Inlet; Selander's will examine how he handled the incident when he first encountered Vickery, then watched him sloppily drive his pickup six blocks as he headed north on South Atlantic, the report states. "We take DUIs very seriously," said Ponce Inlet Investigator Max Binz. "The entire call is under investigation." Neither Vickery, who works in the sheriff's training division, nor Selander, a patrol officer, will be placed on leave while the queries are conducted. The law enforcement officers did not return telephone calls Monday. The report Selander turned in details two encounters with Vickery. At about 1:20 a.m. Sunday and under a steady rain, Selander came upon two people sleeping on the beach at the Oceanview Avenue approach. After the officer's repeated yelling, a woman jumped up, revealing a man lying beside her, the report shows. Selander recognized Vickery. A "strong" odor of alcohol wafted on Vickery's breath and Selander told the sergeant and his companion, Kristina Settle, to stay on the beach, the report states. Settle was a sheriff's deputy for a short time but did not meet the conditions of her probation, said sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson. She left the agency in May 2005. But Vickery did not heed Selander's advice. A while later, Selander, while on patrol, spotted Vickery in his 1999 Ford truck, driving north on South Atlantic. He saw the truck cross over the white shoulder line on the road three times. Then Vickery swerved onto the grassy shoulder four times. Finally, the sergeant crossed over the double yellow line three times, Selander wrote in his report. Selander stopped Vickery in the 4300 block of South Atlantic and then the officer called Sheriff's Office Sgt. Greg Miles to the scene, but it's unclear why. In a memo Miles sent to his superiors, he says he spoke to Vickery, but before he left the scene he told Selander "to do whatever he needed to do with this incident," Davidson said. Selander asked Vickery to perform a field sobriety test. After several refusals, arguments and verbal jabs, Vickery agreed to perform the tests after Selander threatened to arrest him, the report states. Vickery struggled with the sobriety tests and Selander told him he was drunk and would likely fail a breath-alcohol test, the report shows. He also told the sergeant to call someone and arrange to be picked up. After more arguing on Vickery's part, including a statement by Vickery that Selander had no probable cause to arrest him, he called a friend, the report states. When Selander told Vickery to sign a liability disclaimer so he could leave his truck in the parking lot at Town Hall, Vickery couldn't handle that either. As he attempted to write his tag number on the form, he blurted something like, "I'm so drunk, I can't remember my (expletive deleted) tag," Selander said. In spite of the insults, the weaving and swerving and an admission by Vickery that he was impaired, Selander did not charge him with DUI. Instead, he gave him a citation for an improper lane change, the report shows. Show less
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