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    Every land has its own unique way of living, loving, worshipping. For the ancient religions, like those of the Khasis, these ways are intricately strung together in stories, in songs, in dances. Sample this.


    With the creation of the earth, were created 16 families. They had a direct connect to heaven. They'd go up, come down by the means of a huge tree. But, as are the ways of life, man went astray. The huge tree, fell down. The families were sorry. They apologised. And then The Supreme Kindness, forgave and gave them ways to live life - NIAM, नीयम - following which they could find the connect back to heaven.

    The Niam is encoded in small sutras, keys. One of them is 'Tip Briew, Tip Blei'. 'Know yourself, Know God'.

    For me, coming from a Sanatan tradition of the central Himalayas, this tribal truth is familiar. To know Self, know self. In the microcosm, the macrocosm.

    The ladder to heavens is truly within ourselves.

    And this - our 'mandala' self - is made of many concentric circles. It includes our spirit, our emotions, body, family, clan, tribe, our land.


    Here is my tiny offering - put together from a quick on-the-go mobile filming - to the land and her people.

    A Khasi folk song #MynsiemBaShynrang that speaks of the circles of self represented by the tribe, the land. A Khasi friend explains:

    Mynsiem means Spirit/ Soul/ Being
    Shynrang means Man

    A patriotic song in traditional Khasi style, talking about the brave deeds of ancestors. They went to war to protect their motherland, sacrificing for their people without thinking about themselves. Mynsiem Shynrang literally translates to #Spirit of #Manhood.


    Incidentally the other two #learninglessons the Divine gave as #Niams which we find reflected in this song are:

    Kamai Ia Ka Hok. Earn righteousness.
    Tip Kur, Tip Kha. Know maternal paternal kinship / know your roots.


    Such is the voice of many ancient tribes. It is never too late to learn from such wisdom sources. And the learning, if you like it the Khasi Style, can be simply : singing, storytelling, ah, yes, dancing! :)


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