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    Taylor Easton (Please Make Adoption Your Only Option)
    Thank you Ricky Gervais We are their voice, let it be heard. loud and clear!
    The Lion Whisperer
    Hi Ricky! We know you love animals, and cats especially! Could you share one of your favourite videos from Kevin the lion whisperer's channel to help spread the word about the plight of lions in Africa? #SaveLions  (LionWhispererTV Team) 
    Mike Collins
    Mr Gervais, Thank You Sir ! You are the benchmark which all t.v.personalities should model themselves after publicly.
    MC Fructose
    Ricky! Here is my impression of you! http://youtu.be/idZK47o97aE
    Mike Collins
    I Too Speak for the Voiceless 
    YourAdventureBegins Follow me
    Bout time for somat new init ... cumon pull your finger out of your arse and get on with it
    Boo Radley
     I loved seeing 'Mark Corrigan' on this show- playing the "dirty" character. Wish there could be many more episodes. They keep renewing shit- and shows like this get the boot.
    Raymond Malcolm
    Dear Ricky, my wife and I have just finished watching both seasons of Extras, again, and even though I must have watched them all about 8 times now, it always makes me cry at the end of the special when you talk about the media's obsession with celebrities today, and when you apologise to Maggie. I always cry. It's one of the best things I've ever watched and even now, 12 hours later, when I think about what you said it chokes me up. I've followed your work since the beginning and I still listen to the podcasts and the XFM shows almost daily, and as an artist, your integrity is thoroughly intact and is inspiring. I dearly love all the characters that you've created over the years. Thanks for making us smile.
    Richard Stansall (Electrodoc)
    In the style of derek... What would win out of Ollies fangs and dracula.??  If Ollie got bit by a werewolf what would Ollie become during a full moon..??  Would he become just a very confused cat, being a dog/wolf.?? Would his fangs get bigger.??  If he did become a werecat would he compare online Insurance quotes.?? How much would it be to get Ollie insured against a werewolf attack.?? What would win out of a werecat and a merecat.??
    Matt Waller
    Been entertained for hours watching your videos
    Brigit Knight
    Having lived for 50 yrs in Southern Africa and had the privelege of visiting the Kruger National Park, a place of peace and beauty, it is an appalling situation now where rhinos elephants and lion are being poached and hunted. I would URGE everyone who loves wildlife to visit the KNP before the iconic species are wiped out and it is not too late You will not regret it.  The animals need you to see them in their natural habitat and not taken to zoos etc. The country needs visitors to see for themselves what is happening. I am sure, Ricky that you have had the chance to go there yourself, but if you haven't, please do so, the animals NEED you! 
    Do you read these?
    Adelefansoyah Aj
    I Never Thought I Would Find One Of My Favorite Actor's Youtube Channel!
    Will Wilder
    How did this happen?  I just don't understand how this could happen?
    Kate Ringer
    Ricky's next project "Do We Need Em?" with Karl Pilkington. Make it happen, please.
    Coloring Book
    Sigh, I've got a crush on Kerry from Derek .. Great channel, thanks.
    The Most Subscribed Youtube Channel
    Compassionate and intelligent, Ricky is much more than a comedy hero.
    Why send an Idiot Abroad, when you could send someone resourceful. It was fun to watch Carl be the test subject. He was a bit of a lab rat, and watching him probably did in a way impact other peoples views. But why send the lab rat when you could  be sending the Scientists. They would be just as uncomfortable, and if they want to fix something they don't like, they can come up with a way to fix it. Send engineers, send teachers, send biologists. Put people who have the knowledge to make a difference to places where they have to use what they know. Hopefully if they figure out something useful it could do wherever they went a lot of good.
    sooo...the netflix special is just a bloody repeat. typical. 
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