• Building Confidence, Attacking Anxiety, Book Marketing and More | Ask Charlie, Episode 1

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    TIMESTAMPS (courtesy of Ed Lee)

    02:45 What’s the best offline method to promote your book?

    05:40 How can I decrease my anxiety?

    09:00 What’s a great starting point for starting a podcast?

    09:45 How can I rekindle my love for my husband?

    12:50 I need help with money

    13:25 Advice on starting something new

    14:28 Guidance on bringing out my true personality

    17:10 Need help meeting real friends

    20:20 Advice on overcoming fear of burning out again

    24:35 Learn how to kickstart the book I’ve written

    25:35 I’m struggling with anxiety, what can I do?

    27:10 How to overcome fear of doing something someone else has already created

    30:50 How do I connect with A-level players on YouTube?

    33:40 How to stop fearing panic attacks?

    34:34 Book recommendations for books similar to Mate (the book) or “Helping Joe” podcast

    36:05 I want to be the #1 DJ in the world

    39:18 How can I handle my anxiety when I’m alone

    42:40 Do anxiety symptoms go away? Tools for dealing with anxiety.

    45:15 I’d like to start a business, what are the 3-5 questions to ask yourself, or others, when you want to start a business?

    50:50 How do I find a top notch mentor?

    51:15 How do I make my freelance income more stable?

    52:12 How do I get motivated after a divorce?

    53:18 How can I let go of resentment?

    53:57 How do I overcome the fear that everyone is looking at me when I’m out?

    55:13 How do I get back with my ex who I have children with?

    57:30 I need more money

    57:50 I’m doing a final interview for an art gallery, what work should I send to them to showcase my work?

    58:55 I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for a living, I’d like to figure out my strengths and skills that I can use to earn a living while

    1:02:10 I don’t want to let go of my current job that I love and pays well, but how do I earn more money?

    1:02:40 What’s your mental framework for making big decisions?

    1:03:49 I really need help in finding what to do when I go to college

    1:04:48 I can’t seem to find my life’s purpose.

    1:06:30 How do I become a person who ignites their own passion?

    1:07:25 I do I recover from years of depression and anxiety?

    1:07:40 How do I pick which skill to freelance and earn side income?

    1:08:23 I’m a college drop-out without many marketable skills, what steps do you recommend to learn marketable skills that companies

    1:10:55 How do I be conscious and present when life is hectic and I’m always on the go?

    1:12:15 How do you find good people when you don’t have the revenue to pay them adequately?

    1:13:00 How do I find time to play?

    1:13:53 Is it too early to ask for a pay raise for a job I started not too long ago?

    1:15:40 How do I get my book into the hands of my readers?

    1:17:59 How do I learn to market myself to influencers, investors, trend setters, etc?

    1:18:36 What’s the best way to take a physical product and get it ready to take it to market?

    1:19:03 How did you develop your self awareness and emotional intelligence?

    1:19:46 I’m writing a novel, can you introduce me to some helpful apps, tools, etc?

    1:20:22 I quit my job to start my startup, not sure how you can help me out?

    1:21:29 I wish someone can coach me in building a new social circle with quality positive people

    1:22:05 Charlie, what are you doing next?


    Charlie Hoehn is a keynote speaker, author, and the Head of Author Marketing for http://bookinabox.com. He has worked with or advised Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Tucker Max, Eric Ries, Charles Duhigg, Soleil Moon Frye, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

    Charlie has spoken at the Pentagon, TEDx events, and universities around the world. His work has been featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Globe and Mail, Financial Times, and many others. His blog is the #1 result on Google worldwide for the search “anxiety cure.”


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