• Neo Turf Masters Music with Takushi Hiyamuta – Episode 69

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    One of our favorite golf games ever made. Before they were part of SNK, Nazca proved to the industry that they could hang with the best of em. Neo Turf Masters, being one of their first, showcased arcade golf at its finest which drove the game to becoming one of our favorite sports titles ever made. It has great gameplay and clean graphics but the soundtrack is the star with its upbeat, jazzy-fusion and soaring solos composed by Takushi Hiyamuta.

    Join us this week as we listen to the soundtrack from both versions as well as chat with Takushi “HIYA!” Hiyamuta about his composition!

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    Neo Turf Masters (Arc) composed by Takushi “HIYA!” Hiyamuta
    Neo Turf Masters (NGPC) arranged by M. Hataya (not Masahiko Hataya)

    Track List:

    0:00:12 Neo Turf Masters Title (ARC)
    0:08:19 BADEN National Golf Course – Germany (NGPC)
    0:10:33 BADEN National Golf Course – Germany
    0:24:16 Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club – Japan
    0:27:39 Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club – Japan
    0:37:46 Blue Lagoon Golf Course – Australia
    1:01:39 Grand Canyon Golf Course – U.S.A.
    1:17:00 Grand Canyon Golf Course – U.S.A.

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