• hey guys pilotnova here and I am back! The reason why I was gone because I got strep throat and the holiday season! It sucked but it is over so I will be uploading today!! Happy MLK day!!!

  • Hey! I am teaming up with my buddy James9681!! We will be doing a ton of stuff together!

    So if you haven't checked out his channel make sure to do that!

    I will be posting soon!!!

  • Hey guys whats up?? I am still working on some projects and will TRY to upload soon. I am really sorry about not posting often but really their are a lot of more important things I need to do now. I hope you still watch and enjoy my content!!

  • Please read this backwards. HERP DERP :p

  • Oh one more thing!! I downloaded TF2!!! an amazing game that I will be doing soon. Okay now I am done. Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to me!!

    ~Pilotnova and Crew

  • It is a PVP map where we use skills based on our fictionally characters to kill each others and be VICTORIOUS!! That map is done we just need to work out some problems then it should be up very soon! Okay I think that is it.

  • It is a minecraft movie (some clue!) Not like an hour long movie more like a 10 min. short movie (3 parts!!) but the server I was filming it on crashed so don't expect that soon. Also I am not continuing my singleplayer series. It was too old but hey I may start one soon!! Also I have another Long term project!! It is a map that me and Lagma made

  • HEY!! I am pretty happy right now cuz I just got to upload a vid. FINALLY!! Since tomorrow is my B-day I will be posting a crap ton of videos!!! And another thing...so remember that long term project?? Well I can give you a clue to what it is.

  • HEY, I am so sorry 'bout the lack of vids but I am currently working on a LONG term project. I will be trying to post a vid soon but I am a little busy. So hang in there and eat pie. What flavor? PIE FLAVOR!!!! Okay I had to do that...but anyways I am not dead. Thanks for all the support so far and I hope to be getting more subs as this channel grows!!

    ~Pilotnova and crew.

  • Hey guys the new mulitiplayer ep. will be coming out soon so heads up for that also there will be a HUGE delay for my singeplayer series so don't get excited for that...


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