• Autopsy - Leafyishere (ft. SolidShibe)

    4,908 views 3 months ago
    "leafy" impersonator: - https://goo.gl/sB0xRy
    Solid shibe - https://goo.gl/tqHT5r

    New series; yeah fuck me its bad ik, but like if i use self-deprecation you can say its bad so i win.
    Regardless im buying a camera and shit; hopefully transform this series into something worth watching, its only hope from here lads xo

    Anyway; if you can't really be arsed to watch the video (i dont blame you) i basically give my insight on leafy and why his channel died in 3 "acts"; i talking about why leafyishere became much more irrelevant after a certain "content cop" and i talk about how him fucking over people essentially killed his channel.

    INTRO SONG: https://youtu.be/-qwGr8g8rG4
    INTRO BY: https://goo.gl/TWLTHT

    More lacklustre content in case you're you're willing to procrastinate this badly. ➜ https://goo.gl/Vk44oj
    Social media ↓ - fuck me im lonely and i need mates.
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    So yeah wouldn't mind a fat follow on twitter; boosts my self esteem actually; urrm and if you want like me on facebook and circle or what ever its called me on google+ so i can brag thanks mates all the best xo. Show less
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    A MLG playlist from yours truly.. only the finest shite in one playlist for you guys to watch. Enjoy these montage parodies (if you can) and remember to subscribe.
    Thank you, - pigdotavi
    • How to Clean The MLG Way - Duration: 49 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      1rst montage parody.. remember scubs, mtn dew is to drink whilst u clutch on Cod of duty..

      in memry of bary scot.. "im still alive" - bary scots last words ;(
    • Major League Mexican [MLG KILLSTREAK] - Duration: 42 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      [warn1ng] vry l0ud, vry flashy.
      But in all fairness you wouldn't be watching a montage parody if you was prone to loud noises of flashing images wud ya?

      Note: - Pls d0 n0t attemp7 2 be mlg lik th1...
    • Pewdiepie is illuminati - Duration: 91 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      spooky yes.. scary no. After many hours of deep thinking and multiple theories, i have found the proven and confirmed theory to as why pewdiepie is illuminati....
    • MLG Meme wars [mlg starwars] - Duration: 76 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      ye, k nrv uploaded in liek 2 months i know, soz m8, but here's a little video for you to enjoy based off the current hype of the "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" trailer by jj abrams th...
    • How 2 Plant [MLG Planting] - Duration: 78 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Who fucking knew plants smoke plants? i didn't..but they mlg as fuck.
      So wassup, this video took the piss to upload, literally i did a few hours of editing then done some minor details and whatnot,...
    • MLG Wii Sports - Duration: 2 minutes, 35 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      After what seems forever i finally post a video.. its a miracle (kinda)! This time a cheeky exercising session on the Wii & Wii U But with more 'Mlg'
      Im sorry once again for late upload, but i hope...
    • Memeing. It's a Crime. - Duration: 42 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Want to see more videos similar to this? Then check out my Montage Parody Playlist: https://goo.gl/wdv0fX
      Woop woop! Another MLG / Montage parody based video..
      Well kinda, its not the normal conten...
    • A Mlg Adventure - 360° of MLG - Duration: 80 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Want to see more videos similar to this? Then check out my Montage Parody Playlist ➜ https://goo.gl/wdv0fX

      Mlg Voice Actors in the Dota 3 gameplay part:
    • Minecraft (MLG) - Duration: 84 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Want to see more videos similar to this? Then check out my Montage Parody Playlist ➜ https://goo.gl/wdv0fX

      Another video after like 2 months (im sorry) , so here i am again trying to explain why i...
    • MLG Pacman - Duration: 95 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Want to see more videos similar to this? Then check out my Montage Parody Playlist ➜ https://goo.gl/wdv0fX

      Pacman goes mlg for a day with his newest release, Mlg Pacman the video game, after 25 ye...
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