• MoonFaker: Exhibit D: Critique Play all

    This series critiques Jarrah Whites Moonfaker: Exhibit D video series, in which Jarrah attempts to discredit what he considers the three main items of evidence that the moon landings actually took place -- the rocks brought back from the moon, the retro-reflectors and other experiments left behind on the lunar surface, and third part reception of transmissions from the Apollo spacecraft when they were on or near the moon. Most Jarrah's claims regarding this evidence are proven false simply by reviewing the sources he misquotes. Other claims previously proposed by Bill Kaysing simply have no merit as ol' Bill never offered any evidence except to say that he was somehow privy to "inside information." And Jarrah's attempts to fill in the details that ol' Bill left out require technology that didn't exist at the time.

    In short, Jarrah White's Exhibit D is a hodgepodge of fallacies too numerous really to address adequately in even a 31-part rebuttal series.
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  • A Formal Critique of "On Squaring the Circle" by Ralph Rene Play all

    Part 1: In this video, we work about halfway through Gaddy's construction, up to the point where Rene finds what he dubs Gaddy's Rectangle. Rene believes this rectangle has an area equal to a circle at the beginning of the construction. But, does it? Does Rene succeed in his "arithmetic proof" of Gaddy's pi?

    Part 2: In this video, we start where Rene left off and complete Gaddy's construction. Then we review what the Greeks knew about pi over 2000 years ago and explain why Rene was wrong. Was Gaddy trying to derive the value of pi, or was he simply taking a modern stab at an ancient puzzle?
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  • MoonFaker: TETR-A? What TETR-A?: Critique Play all

    This four-part series is a reply to Jarrah Whites TETR-A videos. In short, I respond to his following four claims:

    1. Jarrah White DID mention Tidbinbilla in his Exhibit-D series because Dr. Graham Phillips said the word in a video clip that Jarrah borrowed.

    2. Jarrah White NEVER mentioned TETR-A because it didn't have anything to do with his claim about fooling the MCC operators.

    3. Parkes may have been OWNED by the CSIRO, but it was OPERATED by NASA during the Apollo days.

    4. Although he claims to be an engineer, Phil Webb has misinterpreted the most basic fundamentals of filmmaking to accuse Aron Ranen of taking people out of context. GET HELP PHIL!

    None of these claims have anything to do with the 32 claims he made in his Exhibit D series, which (as of 12 March 2011) he has refused to respond to.
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