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    MISANTHROPY (Lyrics)

    Like a demon crawling in the mud
    And an angel that can't laugh
    Like a miser that can't get enough
    Like a hole deep in the soul
    And a thunder in the dark
    I feel like this bewteen humans

    I'm in the middle of the crowd
    And the noise is 'coming loud
    But my ears now are all dumb
    I am alone in a big glass cage
    And you are growin' up, my rage
    They mustn't come close to me

    Voci soffocate implorano
    Pietà al signore
    L'alba nuova arriverà
    Cori di dannati vivono i rimorsi
    Di una vita a metà

    (RIT) Black ravens fly into the sky
    Oh, it cannot be!
    They're planning their crime
    And waiting the time
    To give vent to their misanthropy

    Scattering figures by my eyes
    With no face but they rise
    On a mountain made of bones
    Blood is keyword in this place
    But they keep running in their race
    Nonsense, madness, hate

    Come una grigia coltre
    Presagio di morte
    Danzano davanti a me
    Esseri tremanti
    Vuoti come i loro occhi
    Stanchi della vita

    They're all waiting
    Oh, they're crying
    They are creepy
    And disgusting
    They're all waiting
    For their time

    They're all trying to trick me
    Telling lies to kill me

    Listen to me faggots
    You will never have me
    'Till I have the gift of reason
    Puppets of a raving god
    You idiots, fools and dogs
    You'll be lost forever

    We are P.O.E - Philosophy Of Evil, an italian alternative metal band. What we want is to express the dark, sick, evil side of human soul, that part of soul that lives in each of us and every day it's powerfully trying to come to light in order to disrupt our being. It's the tense for what is ugly, grotesque, unsettling that the genius of Edgar Allan Poe was able to describe sublimely with his poetry and his stories. This is all part of us and we try to celebrate it and, in some cases, exorcise it through our songs. That said, do not take us too seriously. We never do.

    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/philosophyofevil
    YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/philosophyofevil
    TWITTER: twitter.com/PhilosophyEvil
    REVERBNATION: www.reverbnation.com/poephilosophyofevil
    SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/philosophyofevil

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