• Fridrich F2L: Going Slow and Looking Ahead

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    This is a tutorial on Going Slow and Looking Ahead in the F2L part of the Fridrich method. In this tutorial, I will talk about what Looking Ahead exactly is, how it's useful, and how to practice getting better at it.

    Looking Ahead in F2L is one of the most important techniques in getting faster at the First Two Layers. In order to average under 20 seconds, it is imperative that you become very good at this skill. It will still help you in reaching sub 15 seconds times and even faster than that too. I cannot stress enough how important Going Slow and Looking Ahead will help you.

    It is recommended that you average under 25 seconds for your F2L (F2L + Cross) before you attempt learning about Looking Ahead. If your F2L isn't under 25 seconds it really shouldn't be hard to get to that speed with some practice. I would also highly recommend looking at Badmephisto's F2L videos, even if you already average under 25 seconds for F2L. He talks about very important basic tips in getting faster at F2L that is definetly worth watching.

    Badmephisto's F2L videos:
    Advanced F2L Techniques: http://tinyurl.com/5nv6vg
    Tips for practicing F2L:http://tinyurl.com/ntzcpg
    My thought process while doing F2L - One step stop: http://tinyurl.com/llrlmb
    My thought process while solving the cube: http://tinyurl.com/lcz9eh

    Other Looking Ahead Advice:
    Dan Knights (bottom of page):


    Online Metronome:

    I. Introduction: 0:01 - 1:30

    II. What makes your F2L slow (pauses) 1:30 - 2:39
    A. Example F2L solve: 1:59 - 2:39

    III. Slower w/ fewer pauses is better: 3:09 - 5:05
    A. Proof: 3:45
    1. Fast solve with lots of pauses: 3:55 - 4:25
    2. Slow solve with few pauses: 4:25 - 5:05

    IV. How to Look Ahead: 5:05 - 6:16
    A. Looking Ahead explanation: 5:20-5:27
    1. Example F2L solve: 5:27 - 6:16

    V. Practicing Looking Ahead: 6:16 - 9:22
    A. Dan Knight's Advice: 6:16 - 7:44
    1. Quote: 6:26
    2. Example F2L solve: 6:39 - 7:44
    B. Metronome: 7:44 - 9:22
    1. Example F2L Solve: 8:30 - 9:03

    VI. Conclusion: 9:22
    A. Looking Ahead Summary: 9:32 - 9:56
    B. Sites w/ Looking Ahead Tips: 10:19 - 10:26
    C. Closing Comments: 10:26 - 10:38 Show less
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