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  • Tom Crawford's Jan 12th Re-edit After Cooper Lake Sale Cancelled

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    Did the Tom Crawford Woodstock 104 Jan 12, 2015 interview have anything to do with the cancelling of the people's water in Woodstock, the proposed sale of Cooper Lake? Over a year ago "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole with Paula Gloria" played one of the three Public Utilities Hearings from the beautiful chambers of the Kingston City Hall and played this hearing to 650,000 househlds in Manhattan as well as Woodstock Public Access channel 23 and despite NO one speaking in favor of the sale of Central Hudson to Fortis of Canada and two other public hearings with still not one speaker in favor of the sale STILL the sale went through and today people served by Central Hudson are payig DOUBLE electricity bills (exactally as all the speakers at the hearing said would happen) with no end in sight of rate hikes....therefore why did the sale of the watrer stop? Could it be that this interview wised up the people and the politicians about the wrath of the people once they understood that 150,000 Irish stopped the sale of their water? Now more than ever we need to understand the fradulent methods that PR agencies are controlling our understanding of what is going on...including the publishing of this very video on htt://youtu.be/P7OuvEwPfvU giving paulagloria the original content creator of this material no direct access to the audience she built up over many years on her youtube site. Intellectual property is one of the most valuable resources of a people and must be protected just like electricity and water. We need the world wide web and public access to insure that fraud against the people and culture is at the very least curtailed (for those skeptical about man's greedy nature) because war is the direct result and for those again skeptical about ending war we would remind you war cannot go on forever either. Show less
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  • Gramercy Park FIghts Back Play

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