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    http://passporthealthusa.tv... Passport Health is your pre-travel health concierge, working with you to eliminate any unforeseen complications in your world travel plans. Purchasing tickets to embark on your dream vacation is just the beginning. Even for the most dedicated planner, there are many questions to answer to ensure your health and safety, and Passport Health can help.

    Passport Health's travel medicine specialists have decades of experience in travel health and immunology. We consider your health history, trip itinerary, vaccination record, chronic conditions, and more to put together an appropriate vaccination plan and discuss other
    health considerations to help you prepare for your travel. What if you're pregnant or over 65? Does your destination have health advisories in effect? Entry requirements? All of these factors can affect your preparations.

    Visit the link above or call 1-866-990-3926 to find the Passport Health clinic nearest you. Show less
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  • Flu Resources Play all

    How does Passport Health help you to stay healthy during flu season? Watch these videos to find out!
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  • What is Your Travel Journey? Play all

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  • Travel Destination Advice: Health Tips for Traveling Abroad Play all

    When traveling abroad, it is crucial to take steps to protect your health before you depart. Just as every country has its own unique culture, climate, and attractions, every country also has unique diseases and health risks that you need to be prepared for. As a result, travel vaccinations, health counseling, and medications are key components of your pre-trip planning. Watch these videos for specific health, packing, and travel advice for popular exotic destinations, including countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.
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  • Why Do I Need Travel Vaccines? Play all

    Whether you're traveling for leisure or for business, travel vaccines are crucial. Our bodies have not built up immunities to illnesses in foreign countries. And many countries outside our own have their own set of harmful, if not deadly, diseases and parasites. Vaccinations help to ensure that you will stay healthy while you travel abroad.

    Businesses often want to keep insurance costs as low as possible and keep people working, rather than recuperating from an illness. Having your employees vaccinated helps both these causes, and Passport Health offers wellness programs for groups as well as individuals. We partner with corporations, schools, mission groups, and intercountry adoption travelers to provide for safe travel.

    Passport Health offers travel vaccinations and specialty vaccinations such as anthrax, Japanese Encephalitis, Malara Prophylaxis, Rabies, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. We also offer routine immunizations and test such as Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, Tetanus / diphtheria / Pertussis, HPV, Influenza, Pneumonia, MMR, Polio, Shingles, and more.
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  • Stay Healthy While Traveling: Travel Health Tips Play all

    It's just common sense: good health means a good trip! Getting sick while traveling is a sure way to ruin your vacation or business trip, so Passport Health's Travel Health Tips provide all the advice you need in order to feel your best during your time abroad.

    These videos cover topics including:
    -Food Precautions
    -Water-Caused Illnesses
    -Insect-borne Diseases
    -Non Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Conditions
    -Travel Insurance
    -Travel Safety and Personal Security

    Good Health: Don't Forget to Take It with You!
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  • Why Should I Use a Travel Medicine Specialist? Play all

    With decades of experience, Passport Health can tell you exactly what vaccinations, medications, supplies, and strategies you should equip yourself with before and during your travels in order to stay healthy. We specialize not only in our extensive knowledge of travel medicine, but also our hands-on, comfortable approach to helping you prepare for your trip. Our specialists can answer any of your questions and help you feel confident about your health.

    Passport Health offers a complete travel health solution that is customized for you based on your destination and previous medical history. We know all the right questions to ask to ensure you get the right vaccinations and the right advice. Our one-on-one consultations cater to your needs and provide you with everything you need before you go on your trip.
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  • Corporate Healthcare Solutions Play all

    Passport Health provides a complete corporate healthcare solution, both for general wellness and for travel health. With today's constantly traveling workforce, proactive planning for travel health is necessary, making a healthcare partnership that much more effective. With over 200 locations nationwide and on-site options available so that your employees don't even have to leave the office, Passport Health makes it easy to keep your team healthy while staying convenient to your office and your employees.

    Passport Health is defined by high quality medical care across all of our offices. Whether you're in Idaho or New York, you will receive the same top quality of care thanks to our standardized treatment. We use our proprietary cutting edge platform to keep up to date on all domestic and international health issues, as well as the preventative care necessary to counteract them. We also provide rigorous, standardized training and evaluation for all of our staff members.

    We provide all of your medical services in one stop, with no administrative hassle thanks to our unified reporting and billing. Keep your team healthy and active while keeping your insurance costs low with Passport Health.
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  • Travel to Africa: Tour Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, & More Play all

    Africa is famous for being home to the outdoor experience of a lifetime, the wildlife safari, and also offers countless other options like hiking for adventure enthusiasts. However, malaria and other insect-borne diseases are prevalent, and preventative measures are a must to ensure a safe trip. Watch these videos to learn which vaccines are required or recommended for your destination, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, and key tips to ensure an enjoyable trip when you travel to a top African destination such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, or Tanzania.
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  • Travel to Asia: Tips for Exploring China, Vietnam & Thailand Play all

    Asia is an extremely diverse continent, rich in fascinating and unique cultural heritages. If you are planning to travel to an Asian country, including China, Vietnam, or Thailand, you need to prepare your health to ensure you stay safe and well on your journey. Watch these videos to learn about the vaccines that are recommended for your destination, potential language barriers, packing tips, and additional destination advice that will make your trip in Asia a truly memorable experience.
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  • Travel to South America: Brazil, Peru, & More Play all

    If you plan to travel to South America, you need to protect your health so that your trip goes smoothly! Many travel vaccinations and travel medicines are recommended for tourists and business travelers heading to South America. Watch these videos to learn how to remain healthy when you travel, get information about popular South American tourist destinations, and get crucial safety and packing tips before embarking on a trip through South America.
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