• Death by Game Show 1.01 Trailer - The Frustration Fix Patch

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    Death by Game Show was built to be about quick-fire decision making. Yet you guys made us aware that it was too punishing. We love feedback and we’ll always try to listen to it. So with patch 1.01 we have tried to address as much as possible.

    The “Frustration Fix” Patch Notes 1.01:

    * Added a store function within the studio allowing the player to buy more consumable items.
    * The buzzer charge and spins accumulated from collecting coins is persistent.
    * Consumable droids and buildings with 81% HP or more can be packed away into inventory for future use.
    * Buildings can be moved with 81% HP or more.
    * The player's score is no longer reset on death.
    * The studio spin bonus has been made more obvious.
    * The tooltip now shows in 0.5s.
    * Added a dynamic UI for droid selection. This highlights what number spawns droids and will adapt to changed numeric key bindings.
    * Ensure droids and building dialogue bubble share the same cooldown to streamline screen clutter.
    * Addressed a tooltip issue on the studio's left screen.
    * Added first pass of backstory and context to game text.
    * Updated challenges 2 to 9-7 to make it less hectic and more timely to experiment.
    * All challenges from 10-1 have been modified to reflect changes in the earlier portion of the game.
    * Removed several voice effects that didn’t connect with on-screen actions accurately.
    * Reduced bonus scores given by completing Gold, Silver and Bronze milestones.
    * Fixed the bug which stopped enemy buildings without power from highlighting red.
    * Fixed a sprite issue in the Challenge Editor.
    * The method to trigger tooltips with a controller has been reworked.
    * Rank II Buildings now unlock at challenge 11-2 instead of 13-2.
    * The Rust in Peace building now strikes based on target, rather than target's path.
    * Coins sink slower than previously.
    * Removed high scores on custom challenges due to cheat detection issues.
    * Fixed a Z Depth issue on some building dialogue bubbles.
    * Fixed an issue where information popups wouldn’t appear in Challenge Editor.
    * If a player dies they return to a retry screen instead of back to the studio making it quicker back into the game.
    * The droid iTCe no longer deals splash damage as there was a problem with it’s hit box.
    * The droid iTCe now only hits backline buildings, aerial droids and kamikaze’s the player.
    * The droid Mogey has been re-written to track aerial droids only. * * They no longer attack backline buildings. This is to balance the change to iTCe.
    * The tooltips have been re-wrote to include more direction.
    * Moved consumable items available forwards giving the player quicker access to items.
    * Added more background art to the editor including satellites dishes and trash mounds. Show less
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