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    Anorexia is a pretty serious issue & there are multiple ways to talk about it. You could approach anorexia nervosa in a sensitive way and make everyone fall asleep, or you could make a joke of it and potentially spread the message far further. This is 10 Things I Hate About Anorexic Girls. If you are suffering from anorexia, call: 1-800-931-2237

    The Original Script:
    10 Things I Hate About Anorexic Girls

    1. They act like you’re horrible for trying to help them.
    Emo Charlie: I need you to eat food.
    Ana: I’m not hungry.
    Emo Charlie: Because you’re dumb & you don’t see you look sick.
    Ana: *crying*
    Emo Charlie: Oh, I’m sorry, k**** yourself isn’t dumb, and you totally don’t look sick.
    Ana: *stops crying* Thank you.
    Emo Charlie: I was being sarcastic.Ana: *cries*
    Emo Charlie: Do you even have tears anymore? Your face is dry.
    Ana: *cries*

    2. Their brain is literally shrinking from the lack of food so they tend not to make sense.
    Ana: I’m fat.
    White: No, I’m fat.
    Ana: You look fine, I’m the one who looks obese.
    White: Are you drunk?
    Ana: Ew, no calories!3. They think everyone else is as stupid as they are.
    Ana: So I saw someone made a video about me being sick and I just wanted to say I’m fine. Like, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me even though it looks like I’m going to d** any second because I’m fine, and I’m also fine because I’m fine so I’m fine. I’m fine fine fine fine fine.
    Dale: Wow, that’ll convince them.
    Ana: *crying*

    4. They celebrate their condition as if t’s something to admire.
    Ana: I just wanted to show off my new outfits to all of you.
    Ana: This is my pants, wow, look how much extra space I have, I’m so se**.
    Ana: *dry heaves*
    Ana: That was weird I almost vomited but I guess my body remembered I don’t eat food.

    5. They set a horrible example.
    Chibi: I just saw this girl who look super skinny on YouTube and I wanna look like her.
    Dale: If you do that I will smash your head with a rock.
    Chibi: So… unsubscribe from her?Dale: That would be great.
    Chibi: Ok.

    6. They act like they’re not responsible for the people they’re inspiring to k*** themselves.
    Dale: My son just came to me saying he wants to look like you.
    Ana: Well, that’s not my fault.
    Dale: It’s not your fault that you’re showing off your anorexic body to children while acting like it’s acceptable to be that unhealthy?
    Ana: I’m fine.
    Dale: *screams and walks off*
    Ana: I’m fine.

    7. Their absolutely horrible parents.
    Emo Charlie: Hi, are you Ana’s mom?
    Ana’s Mom: Yes.
    Emo Charlie: Ok, how did you wind up so fat and your daughter wind up looking like a skeleton?
    Ana’s Mom: This is disrespectful?
    Emo Charlie: You know what’s disrespectful? K**** YOUR DAUGHTER, NOW ANSWER THE QUESTION!
    Ana’s Mom: Oh well, I told her how fat she was her whole childhood so she wound up starving herself later in life… basically I said all the things I wanted to say to myself to her as a coping mechanism.
    Emo Charlie: Jesus Christ

    8. They are some of the most ungrateful people you’ll ever meet.White: So like why don’t you eat? Some kids in Africa would k*** to get access to food.Ana: I do eat.
    White: Haha! Why are you so annoying? It’s so obvious you don’t eat.
    Ana: I do eat.
    White: So you lie about eating, you lie about being fine, you act like we’re all stupid, you inspire kids to hurt themselves like you, you’re basically unlikeable and a huge jerk.
    Ana: I do eat.
    White: Ugh, why do I bother talking to you. Your brain is broken from being starved.
    Ana: I do eat.

    9. They pass out randomly.
    Dale: Ana, can you go turn off the TV?Ana: Sure.Ana: *walks over to TV but falls before she gets there
    Dale: G** d**n it.

    10. They don’t heal till it’s too late.
    White: So like, do you want to go to the hospital finally?
    Ana: *shaking on the floor*
    White: Um… is that like you nodding your head?
    Ana: *shaking on the floor*
    White: So I’m going to take you to the hospital. Show less
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