• Ain't Nothing Left for You (Original Song About Greed)

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    I wrote this song about a year ago, but I never could bring it together until now...been practicing on it the last three days, hehe. I'm behind on watching videos, but hope to catch up soon. :)

    Ain't Nothing Left for You
    copyright 2014

    Verse 1

    Welcome to the table
    Ain't nothing left for you
    We took it all when you looked away
    There's nothing you can do

    Stop crying 'bout your hunger
    Stop whining 'bout your thirst
    Everything is gone, gone gone
    We got here first


    There's just a little hambone left
    And a piece of potato pie
    We ate up all the peas
    As we sent you out to die
    The biscuits have been buttered
    And all the serving's through
    Welcome to the table
    Ain't nothing left for you

    Verse 2

    Our place was set long ago
    We demand the very best
    We got all money can buy
    To hell with all the rest

    So take the scraps we've offered
    And sell 'em to your friends
    And you don't you make a fuss now
    As we screw you in the end

    Verse 3

    Welcome to the table
    We don't give a shit
    As long as we got ours
    You can have a little bit

    We draped out table in the flag
    And a dose of patriotism
    No matter that it's false
    It just adds to the deep, wide schism Show less
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