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    While filming a new episode of the paranormal TV show, "Spirit Tracker," the show’s camera operator goes missing. The location is said to be haunted. Is her disappearance the result of otherworldly forces, or is it foul play? Private investigator, Sam West, is on the scene, but it's up to the forensics team to solve the mystery.

    Would you like to host hundreds of prospective students on your college campus for a fun day of science and mystery? EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event) is a one-day outreach program for middle school students with the goal of showing them that science is fun, and that the local community college is a good first choice for STEM education. EASE combines video with realistic hands-on activities that highlight the science behind forensics.

    Visit http://ncbionetwork.org/ease to learn more. Show less
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  • Microscopy Play all

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  • BioNetwork's Lab Demonstrations & Science Concepts Play all

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  • Lab Safety Play all

    In this series of lessons, we'll address important lab safety topics including:

    • Proper Dress & PPE
    • Safety Equipment
    • Behavior
    • Chemical Hazards
    • Safe Chemical Handling
    • Other General Lab Hazards

    The lab environment is hazardous by nature. The actual risk is largely determined by you and those working with you. It's your responsibility to know and follow the rules and be able to recognize potential safety hazards.

    This video series provides guidance for working safely in a modern science lab and is intended to supplement the formal instruction provided in each institution and lab. These videos are not a substitute for a safety training program.

    For a different take on lab safety training, check out our exciting short film, "Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety," available now at http://youtu.be/S6WARqVdWrE.

    For free eLearning resources, check out http://www.ncbionetwork.org/educational-resources/elearning.
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  • Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety Play all

    "Zombie College" is a fun & educational film about lab safety. You made need to turn off YouTube's "Safety Mode" in order to watch it. "Zombie College" isn't graphic, scary, or profane, but it's occasionally blocked by content filters because it contains the word 'zombie.' The film is intended for high school and college science students.

    Whether you're a chemist, researcher, or a student in a freshman biology course, the laboratory is a potentially fatal workplace. Lab safety is more than just memorizing a list of "Dos and Don'ts"...working safely is a state of mind. Our challenge was to design a blended learning program to serve as a catalyst to get learners thinking about and discussing the topic of lab safety. The ultimate goal is developing "a safety state of mind" which is demonstrated by behavioral change.

    With Zombie College, lab safety training comes to life!
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  • Craft Beverage Training @ NC Community Colleges Play all

    This series show how NC Community Colleges prepare people for work in the craft beverage industry and underscores the importance of our groundbreaking training curriculum, which includes both certificate programs and the nation’s first two-year Associate Degree in Brewing, Distillation & Fermentation.
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  • Bioprocessing: An Overview of the Fermentation Process Play all

    This series provides an overview the three general categories of bioprocessing: fermentation, separation, purification.
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  • Webinars Play all

    "BioForum" is a monthly webinar series that aims to teach life science concepts and promote training opportunities through North Carolina Community Colleges.

    If you have any questions about BioForum or suggestions for future topics, please contact BioForum Coordinator, Greg Smith, at smithg@ncbionetwork.org.
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  • Plant Grafting Demonstrations Play all

    This series of 6 plant grafting demonstrations was originally presented at a workshop hosted by Wilkes Community College. Now these presentations are available for you to see On-Demand!

    Topics and Presenters:
    Topic 1: "Whip Grafting" - Jonah Parker
    Topic 2: "Chip Budding" - Ty Lowe
    Topic 3: "Cleft Grafting" - Ronald Dollyhite
    Topic 4: "The Omega Grafter" - Ronald Dollyhite
    Topic 5: "The Fieldcraft Tool" - Ronald Dollyhite
    Topic 6: "The History of Grafting" - Bill Hanlin
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