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    First of the Noodle Brain Productions series from April 2005 to March 2006 aired on Channel 29, AccessSF Public Access in San Francisco. This is a one hour show broken up into five (5 a and 5b, so 6) parts. This is the Stupid Persons Guide to Enlightened Capitalism.
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    The first definition of the word "noodle" in the Websters Disctionary is a "stupid person". The second definiton is a pasta.

    Noodle Brain retrains people rendered stupid by the current economy to think outside of the box regarding their quality of life issues around money, health, relationships and welfare.

    We want to break the trance of familiarity and walk on the wild side of ambiguity to see the paradoxes that keep bad things in place.

    We want to unravel that world and allow humanity to invent something else instead of industries out to kill, maim, incarcerate, disease and then, medicate us.

    These old industries diminish our quality of life and cause conflict-habituated behavior where penal economics and disease economies deal with the tensions and perpetrations that result.

    We don't notice that we are complicit in the continuance of these practices. But we gotta be a noodlebrain to wander freely around the issues until we can feel it out and choose something much more constructive and less stupid.

    So we bring you Noodle Brain Productions. This is our first movie that aired in April of 2005 on Channel 29 AccessSF Public TV. We divided it into 10 minute or less segments so you can watch a bit at a time.

    Check out the site at http://www.noodlebrain.com

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    "Introduction to Noodle Brain Productions: Main" link above to see the playlist and watch the movies in sequence.
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    A four part series of movies that brings to life on the streets of San Francisco the tenets of Vern Black and David B. Goodstein's Integrity Tone Scale, a tool for entrepreneurs created in 1978.
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