• Stormzy vs Mr Bruff 2019: AQA English Language Paper 1 Rap

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    Credit to Rising FX for the instrumental.


    Kicking off with Paper 1, question 1,
    Find four bits of information.
    Write what the text says in a paraphrase,
    Or use direct quotation.
    Question 2, language analysis. 
    Three things to do: if you can handle it.
    Only level 2, for writing a vague effect,
    So what you’ve got to do is follow my plan for this.

    Ask yourself: what is the specific effect the writer is trying to achieve?
    Doesn’t have to be emotive, but it could be suspense, excitement or mystery. 
    Explain a reason behind the writer’s choices. That’s what we want to see— 
    Then words or phrases you should select, which achieve this specifically.

    Then language features or techniques 
    Like when we teach you poetry:
    Things like metaphor or simile,
    Or even pathetic fallacy. 

    Bullet point three is sentences for effect
    Like long or short, simple or complex.
    Think if the length of the sentence can be linked to the writer’s desired effect—
    Like long sentences are overwhelming, and short sentences create tension.
    Look for very long/very short sentences: those are the ones to mention.

    Question 3 is based on structure—not what's happening, but where, why and when?
    Consider the first few lines of the opening: ask yourself, 'How does it draw you in?'
    Could be a shift in focus, repetition, the move from out to inside.
    Think about why the writer has chosen to use that device, at that specific time.

    Question 4 is a twenty marker: spend 20-25 minutes.
    You can agree, disagree or partially agree. The second bullet point's the one to win it.
    It's AO4, which has led to confusion, but the mark scheme breaks the illusion.
    You can write about language, structure, tone: anything worthy of inclusion.

    Then we move on to question 5, the only question in Section B.
    16 of the marks are going to arrive for technical accuracy.
    Vary sentence openings and types; use eight kinds of punctuation. 
    Mix paragraph and sentence length—that needs to be taken into the equation.

    Follow these tips in your English Paper 1, for guaranteed success.
    Check out Mr Bruff’s other YouTube videos for help with all of the rest! Show less
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