• What is a Mooncup?

    658,888 views 3 years ago
    What is a Mooncup® and how do you use it? This short film should answer your questions. Alternatively visit the website to find out more at http://www.mooncup.co.uk.

    The Mooncup is available at Boots, as well as independent health food stores. Find out more at http://www.mooncup.co.uk Show less
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  • Mooncup Reviews | Mooncup Menstrual Cup Play all

    You might have heard of the Mooncup menstrual cup but want to find out what others think of it before you take the plunge and buy your own. Watch these Mooncup users talk about their experiences to see if it could be a good choice for you.
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  • Mooncup Campaigns Play all

    Mooncup is a small, ethical business but its creative campaigns (http://www.mooncup.co.uk/who-we-are/campaigns/) have a tendency to go viral! Watch our Mooncup vs Tampon Rap Battle and the wonderfully catchy 'Love Your Vagina' song. If you like them, why not share them?
    • Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle - mooncup.co.uk - Duration: 108 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle

      For too long, tampons and sanitary pads have monopolised the menstrual market -damaging the earth and our purses. But now, Mooncup is stepping...
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    • Love Your Vagina Song - Duration: 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      Whatever you call your vagina, we think it deserves some love. That's why we've written a song starring over 25 names submitted to the loveyourvagina poll, which asked women from across the world '...
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    • Love Your Vagina Song - the making of! - Duration: 102 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      Lots of talented people came together to create our fabulous Love Your Vagina song. Here's a behind-the-scenes 'Making Of' film for anyone who'd like to find out more about the whos and whys of the...
    • Mooncup BoomBox - Duration: 107 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      You've seen the battle, but now it's your turn.


      Rap along to the boombox beat with your beermat finger puppets. Use the Rap Battle lyrics below or fre...
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  • What is a Mooncup and how do you use it? Play all

    Watch these videos to discover the Mooncup menstrual cup and find out how to use it.
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  • Coupe Menstruelle | Mooncup Play all

    Pour en savoir plus: http://www.mooncup.fr
    Pour trouver le distributeur le plus proche: http://www.mooncup.co.uk/fr/selectionnez-votre-pays/

    Mooncup est la première coupe menstruelle en silicone souple de qualité médicale, conçue par des femmes pour offrir une alternative pratique, saine et écologique aux tampons et aux serviettes.

    Testée et approuvée depuis 2002 par les utilisatrices du monde entier, la coupe menstruelle Mooncup vous libère des désagréments des protections hygiéniques jetables : déchets, inconfort, dépenses.
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  • Menstruationstasse | Mooncup Play all

    WAS IST EIN MOONCUP? http://www.mooncup.de
    Mooncup ist die originale Menstruationstasse aus weichem, medizinischem Silikon, von Frauen als praktische, sichere und umweltfreundliche Alternative zu Tampons und Binden entwickelt

    Seit 2002 bei Nutzerinnen weltweit bewährt, setzt die Mooncup-Menstruationstasse den mit Einweg-Monatsartikeln verbundenen Abfällen, Unannehmlichkeiten und Kosten ein Ende.
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  • Copa Menstrual | Mooncup Play all

    ¿QUÉ ES LA MOONCUP? http://www.mooncup.es/
    Mooncup es la primera copa menstrual de silicona blanda de grado médico diseñada por mujeres como alternativa práctica, segura y ecológica a los tampones y las compresas

    La Mooncup ha sido probada y se ha granjeado la confianza de usuarias de todas partes del mundo desde 2002 y ofrece una forma de terminar con los desechos, la incomodidad y el coste de la protección higiénica desechable.
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  • Coppetta Mestruale | Mooncup

    COS’È LA MOONCUP? http://www.mooncup.it
    Mooncup è l’originale, morbida, coppetta mestruale in silicone medicale, progettata dalle donne come un’alternativa a tamponi e assorbenti, pratica, sicura e rispettosa dell’ambiente.

    Testata e apprezzata ormai dal 2002 dalle donne di tutto il mondo, la coppetta mestruale Mooncup consente di mettere fine a rifiuti, disagi e spese associate ad assorbenti e tamponi usa e getta.
    • Cos'è la coppetta mestruale Mooncup®? - Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Cos'è la Mooncup® e come funziona? Questo breve filmato risponderà a molte delle domande sulla coppetta mestruale più amata d'Italia. Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito web http://www.moonc...
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