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    Thank you for visiting the official youtube channel of Michael "Maikerukun" Simpson Jr

    This is a video that I made because 3 days ago a girl at this Valentines day after party asked me what my definition of love is. She's Japanese and I told her in Japanese, but then I decided I wanted to make a visual representation of that, so I wrote a quick song about it :)

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    My first official music video for the first single "Street King" off of my upcoming album will be available right here on my channel around July 1st!

    Thank you for checking out my work and here are the lyrics if you'd like to see them :)


    It's kinda like the first time you open your eyes
    in a brand new world and to your surprise
    you feel your heart speeding' up and your mouth gets dry
    dead middle of December but the sun's in the sky,

    And it isn't very often that you'll find this thang,
    but when you do your whole god dang body'll sing,
    no tugging'...it's like somebodies yanking your strings,
    it's like a baby bird when he spreading' his wings,
    It's like the first time a princess realizes her king
    has opened eyes and discovered that his wife is a queen,
    it's like the first time that we get in fight and,
    somehow right away I understand what you mean.

    I promise, this is beautiful like you never done seen
    I promise, it's overwhelming like celebs on the scene
    I promise, a wedding, kids, picket fences and things,
    I promise, our whole future is a beautiful dream

    I never felt this way about a woman before,
    and i'm scared if i say it that you might walk outta that door,
    but the intention of my patience let me just reassure,
    is that I'm waiting for the day that I can offer you more,

    we explore the evermore and soar for the shore and when we get there,
    turn around and do it some more.


    Princess I'm right behind ya :)"

    The ending btw, was a freestyle, Freestyling in your second language FTW! :P

    Video Credits:
    Written, directed and edited by Maikerukun
    Song lyrics written and performed by Maikerukun
    Music composition produced by Cubesato, from his work "Le Petit Prince" Show less
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