• Runaway (original)

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    I was born come on the break of spring
    mama told me I got joy to bring
    but I got something buried in my soul
    nothing ever seemed to make me whole

    I got on my knees and learned to pray
    God, if you're the one then I will stay
    but I was given wings to fly away
    I keep my word as long as I'm okay

    so tell me what it means my fingers on the strings
    I'm praying I got something worth the breath it takes to say
    and I don't understand why I should get the chance
    while in my dreams my teeth are crumbling out into my hands
    when I can't earn this chance

    I wish that I were better at goodbyes
    I don't connect with what would make you cry
    I guess there's something different in my head
    but I'll pretend I understand instead

    You think I found a place where i belong
    but nothing keeps me rooted here for long
    I'd rather travel to a stranger place
    then recognized as a familiar face

    I'm afraid of running out of days
    tell me everything will be okay
    I think I am better on my own
    but mama I'm afraid to die alone

    CHORDS (with capo on 4)

    C F C C F C Am F C G F C
    C F C C F Am F C G F C

    Am F C G x2

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