• Liquid Effects Play all

    With recent advances in high-speed digital photography, live-action liquid effects are being used extensively to create dramatic sequences on film, especially in commercials.
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  • Pyrotechnics Play all

    When special effects are mentioned, fire and explosions are perhaps the first images that leap to mind. They are often big, bold and exciting. We love them and we do them all: fire balls, flashes, bangs, smoke, sparks, flames and bullet hits.
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  • Models, Props and Animatronics Play all

    Scale models and miniatures are generally used for a simple reason; using the real thing is impractical.

    This may be because it doesn't or can't exist, that it will be damaged or that the shot is just too dangerous or not possible any other way.

    There are five principle methods of operation to puppetry: marionette, hand and rod, cable, servo or hydraulic/pneumatic. These can be intermixed as required.

    Each has its own advantages, but by thoughtfully using different technologies, a combination can be achieved that provides the required results...
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  • Atmospheric Play all

    We frequently provide the atmospheric effects such as snow, fog, wind and rain that enhance a shot and add another layer of reality to a scene.
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  • Rigs and Floor Effects Play all

    Sometimes our standard 'off-the-shelf' floor effects are all that is required to bring magic to a production. More often however, what is being attempted on camera has never been achieved before and therefore custom-built, live-action systems are designed and engineered to provide specific new functions
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