• Apollo 11 - Day 1 (Full Mission)

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    Apollo 11 - Day 1 (Full Mission)

    16th July 1969 - The countdown, launch, earth orbital phase, followed by the TLI and docking with the lunar module, ejection of the S4B and a TV broadcast.

    This video will cover all of these events with air to ground/Flight Director Loops and onbioard crew tape audio with available film and photographs taken by the crew. The video starts with the crew having breakfast and ends at a GET of 14h 26m.

    Video Timeline:
    00:00:30 Breakfast
    00:03:16 Suit Up
    00:08:04 Walkout
    00:21:55 At 39a
    00:55:08 Hatch Closure
    03:04:12 Liftoff
    03:06:55 S1C SEP
    03:13:20 Sll SEP
    03:15:51 SECO
    05:12:46 TLI
    05:26:39 SLA SEP
    05:33:15 LM Docking
    06:54:54 TV

    With grateful thanks to Robin, Pat, Ben, Stephen, Dwight, Britt, Vinny and Ed without whom this project would not have been completed or be so complete in coverage.

    Thanks go also to the amazing subscribers to my channel who have encouraged and supported the channel for the past 10 years.

    All Video/Audio/Photographs courtesy NASA

    I highly recommend following the series whilst reading the Apollo 11 Flight Journal - https://history.nasa.gov/af......

    and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/

    Other great sites to link to which I have sourced for information or material in the making of the series-

    The Apollo Audio Collection - https://archive.org/details......
    Virtual Apollo Guidence Computer Homepage - https://www.ibiblio.org/apo...
    Orbiter Space Flight Simulator - http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac...
    Apogee Books - http://www.cgpublishing.com/

    Dave Schloms series of podcasts are a fascinating record and can be found here https://www.npr.org/podcast......

    Ben Feists outstanding work on the Apollo 11 mission in realtime can be found here https://apolloinrealtime.or...

    Facebook Groups

    Mercury, Gemini & Saturn/Apollo Era!! Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/gr......
    Apollo 11 Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/gr......
    Space Hipsters Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/gr......

    The following books were invaluable in the making of the series

    Apollo 11 The NASA Mission Reports (Parts 1, 2 and 3) - Robert Godwin
    Footprints in the Dust - Colin Burgess
    A Man on the Moon - Andrew Chaikin
    Carrying the Fire - Michael Collins
    Failure is Not an Option - Eugene Kranz
    First Man - James Hansen/Neil Armstrong
    Forever Young - James Hansen/John Young
    Last Man on the Moon - Eugene Cernan
    Rocket Men - Robert Kurson
    Man on the Moon - Peter Fairley
    The Invasion of the Moon - Peter Ryan
    Chariots for Apollo - Courtney Brooks/James Grimwood/Loyd Swenson
    LEM Lunar Excusion Module Failiarisation Manual - Grumman
    How Apollo Flew to the Moon - David Woods
    Apollo - A Chronology 1 to 4 - NASA
    Growing Up with Spaceflight - Apollo Parts 1 & 2 - Wes Oleszewski
    Live TV from the Moon - Dwight Steven-Boniecki
    Moonwalker - Charles and Dotty Duke
    Digital Apollo - David Mindell
    From the Trenches of Mission Control to the Craters of the Moon - Lunney/Bostick/Reed/Deiterich/Kennedy/Von Ehrefried/Boone/Stoval/

    If you would like to donate to this and future projects (any money donated will go towards purchasing hardware/software for use on these series) paypal.me/Lunarmodule5 - any donations are received with gratitude and thanks!

    The Full Mission Series Production - An Explanation of the Process

    Production began in February 2018 with the intention of release on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's launch day (subsequently the pre and post flight press conferences were added). Each video took between 1 and 3 months to produce, working about 10 hours a week.

    Full Mission videos start with editing of the available audio for that particular day, sometimes split bewteen 3 tracks of audio (air to ground/flight directors loop/crew onboard tape). Once that process is completed the available TV transmissions or other associated video is positioned along with 16mm film taken by the crew. Photographs are placed in the mission timeline aprroximately near to where there were taken in the mission. Captions are then added to give pertinent information. The gaps that are left visually are filled with screen captures of the spacecraft from the Orbiter Space Simulator. Positions of spacecraft are approximated to what would have been seen on the mission, but during TLI, CSM RCS and SPS burns (LOI etc) the orientation is as near as I can get it to the actual (with sage advice from RW). Once these screen captures are in place the Apollo Guidence Computer (Virtual AGC) screens are captured. This involves setting the AGC time to the PAO announcements during the flight, screen capturing them and then transferring them to the timeline. Finally the title sequences are added.

    Final editing of the whole video takes place with a run-through of the whole thing before the render of the video. Video sizes vary from 4 to 48gb. Show less
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