• Merlin & Arthur; I would wait a lifetime for you

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    Rambling & SPOILERS below.

    So when I was making this vid, the idea was that the clips were supposed to be from Merlin's POV, and the voiceovers from Arthur's, but I mixed them up as I went on making it because I became too emotional, and Merlin has some of the best quotes, so.

    It feels like I haven't uploaded a merthur video in ages but I've just been working on A LOT of projects which probably turn out to be just that; projects, because IDK if I'll be able to finish them all.

    This video is just what I SEE in Merlin and Arthur, this video is what they are for me, what makes me love them and why I adore them so much. I'm not going to explain it because this description actually has a word limit and everything I've got to say about them wouldn't fit in here, but I just hope you can get it ;)


    I'm not truly excited about everything this season is going to bring, but just having merthur back is GREAT enough for me to be utterly happy (even though some spoilers make me want to headdesk forever). I just hope they don't fuck the end of the show killing Arthur or I'll be actually and honestly devasted, because after everything M&A have been through you can't just kill Arthur and close the show forever, that's just not a valid option, I don't care about the legends, they messed them up when they killed Lance twice, so they better don't start to follow them now.

    Also, I'm still in denial about this season being the last one and I hate MO, I want Lance back, and I'm still not over Colin's new body (/swoons), but apart from that I'm ready for S5.


    "I've seen how much he needs you, how much you need him. . . You're like two sides to the same coin."

    "He's here for you." "I'm just his servant."

    "Why do you care so much, the boy is just a servant."

    "Arthur values your opinion above most all others. . .Even if he'd be the last person to admit it."

    "I'm going back." "For a servant?"

    "He saved my life. I can't stand by and watch him die."

    "Do you really expect me to accept that, just to sit here and take the word that Merlin's gone? I won't rest until at least try."

    "You must have a reason. Something you care about, something that's more important than anything."

    "I know I'm a prince, but if I wasn't a prince." What?"

    "You've been here all night?" "I didn't want you to feel that you were alone."

    "Look what we've got. . . You, and me."

    "I'm happy to be your servant, 'till the day I die."

    "Arthur, I can't." "Just—take it."


    Enjoy! ♥
    Info at the beginning of the video.
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