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    This is it. The Competition Day Video.

    Anyway show time finally came! My mom was a super star helping me backstage and for the sake of assisting me behind, she couldn't see me on stage. I was blessed. Back stage all the others were getting tan cream on them. Everyone was pretty focus not talking which is understandable. But before going on stage some of the girls loosened up. It was good my mom was there, it also gave comfort to the other girls lol. I lent my mom to the rest.

    I didnt feel nervous, cause i was honestly just focused on smiling and eating food after the comp. It was really tiring though posing on stage. Everything started cramping. But you have to hold it and maintain that smile. I did what i could and showed off whatever asset i had. Just too bad my football theme costume didn't show my back enough.

    Getting called out for top 10 was music me. I know my physique wasnt as lean but i gave the best performance i could. The medal was enough for me at that moment. knowing my family, my boyfriend and my friends were in the crowd really was a confidence booster.

    I cant say thank you enough to the following people:

    First and foremost God who was my strength.
    My family who supported me in every way, from helping me cook, to just being my ranting bag.
    My boyfriend who always had me grounded and in check with keeping to this goal
    My coach Ben from Australian Strength Performance for his patience, guidance and literally sticking with me all the way via whatsapp for the comp.
    My posing coach Rykiel for teaching me how to be elegant while posing.
    CelebrityFitness for sponsoring me my gym membership
    VisionBody for helping rehab and giving me an added edge to my training.
    Lifestyle Chiropractic for sponsoring my very important rehab session
    KoaFitness for providing me a place to pose in peace
    Daniel from Aligned for aiding in my desperate time of need.
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      This is it. The Competition Day Video.

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