• Gun Safe Explosion Test | Liberty Safe: Head to Head Explosion Test

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    Gun Safe Explosion Test | Liberty Safe: Head to Head Explosion http://www.libertysafe.com

    Gun safes are many times used to store more than just household guns and firearms. Many homes also keep valuable possessions secure in these safe units that can reduce the risk of them being stolen during a burglary, burned in a fire or ruined in any type of natural disaster. Safes with a high fire rating can protect your valuables through an unfortunate fire that may occur in your home or office. The Underwriter's Laboratories' or UL performs a number of highly effective fire and explosion tests to provide consumers with the assurance of how durable these gun safe units would be in the event of a fire.

    The Underwriter's Laboratories' Ratings Test:

    Fire Endurance Testing-
    Safe units are placed under a two hour test where the inside temperature of the unit must not go over 350 degrees. There is heat sensor and paper left, locked, inside the safe unit while testing is being done to record the inside temperature. The test consists of the safe unit being placed in a furnace system where it remains for one hour at a temperature of 1700 degrees. The temperature is then increase to 1850 degrees and the safe is kept in at the temperature for two hours. It remains in the furnace system until cool down process has been completed. Once removed from the furnace systems the safe unit is thoroughly inspected for damaged especially that which is done to the locking mechanisms. The inside of the safe is also thoroughly examined for any signs of heat transmission that may have occurred during the testing process.

    Explosion Hazard Test-
    This test places the safe unit into preheated furnace systems. The temperature of the furnace must reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and the safe is placed inside for thirty to forty five minutes. The safe unit remains in the furnace system to cool if no explosion has occurred. Once cooled the safe unit is removed and thoroughly examined for damage. Locking mechanisms and fastening units are checked for security usage. The inside is also thoroughly examined for signs of any heat transmission that may have occurred during the testing process.

    Fire Impact Test-
    This test is done on the safe unit after the explosion hazard test, where the safe unit is drop from 30 feet onto a heavy concrete topped riprap of bricks base. This is done no more than two minutes after the hazard test has been completed. The unit is thoroughly inspected for any damage that may have occurred upon impact such as ruptured parts, insulation damage or openings to the interior. The safe unit is allowed to cool and is then placed into a 1550 degree Fahrenheit furnace system for thirty minutes. The units is then cooled again and thoroughly inspected for damage.

    The UL's ratings can greatly help you decide which gun safe you will want to purchase for store your firearms or valuables in. You can not only keep your possessions secure from possible theft but can also reduce the risk of losing a number of these valuables if there was ever an unfortunate occurrence of a fire.

    Liberty Safes are proudly made in the USA and we are the #1 manufacturer of gun safes, fire safes and commercial safes in the US. When you buy a Liberty Safe you will receive Liberty’s #1 rated lifetime warranty. If your safe is ever subject to an attempted break-in, or fire, Liberty Safe will repair, or replace, your safe for free!

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