• Track ID SOLVED. "Feel" by Dream III. 1989 House. Lyrics: "Feeling, Feel love, Feel life, Feel free"

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    "FEEL" by Dream III.




    Thanks to Jason Sitaram.



    What is this dance / house track from 1989?

    The clip is taken from a recording of (what I think is) the Future Dance event, Sunrise. Anyway, it is from a Sunrise with Back to the Future rave held near Longwick in Bucks in summer 1989. (I think it's 12th August, '89).

    This track was played many times, in many places, including other Sunrise / Back to the Future gatherings the summer of 1989.

    At the beginning of the summer I knew what it was.
    At the end of summer '89, I didn't know what it was, and was going mad to know.

    Over 25 years later, I still don't know.

    Please help.

    Share this video, get people to have a listen for the track ID.

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  • "Aquamarine". 5 vids, 40+ mins. relaxing, invigorating music Play all

    5 videos:
    Aquamarine One in 3 parts
    Aquamarine Two in 2 parts


    Musical sounds of relaxation.

    Indescribably beautiful, incredibly calming, magical in their ability to inspire, balance and harmonize the listener, these are the soothing sounds of relaxation."

    [PLEASE NOTE: This recording is published here legally, please see further below]

    Above are the words from the outside of the inlay card to this cassette "Aquamarine". I have called sides 1 and 2 of the tape "Aquamarine One" and "Aquamarine Two", as they are two different musical pieces of around 20 minutes each. For sharing through The W.W.W. in YouTube there are 5 parts altogether. Aquamarine One is in 3 parts, Aquamarine Two is in 2 parts.

    There is no musical author or performer attribution published with this music, beyond the publisher's name and another reference or the publisher's alter-ego only - Great American Audio Corp. and Valley of the Sun.

    Great American Audio Corp. are no more unfortunately. They do not seem to have any placement left at the location for which address details are given for them in New York in the tape information. I estimate this musical work is from the 1980s or early 1990s, that information is not given anywhere.

    The only reference I can find to "Great American Music Corp." is a very few records on The Web that list some of the old cassettes the company produced.

    It's unfortunate that this recording (and who knows how many other great recordings) are not for sale for those looking for this kind of thing. Though I'm really pleased indeed to be able to legally share this, which is a great phenomenon made possible here by YouTube (thank you YouTube.)

    *** Re. Publication here for free sharing: This music, Aquamarine, at least can't be found anywhere else on The Web currently. And it seems that none of Great American Audio Corp.'s recordings can be bought through The Web or anywhere else. It is very reasonable to conclude that the company doesn't exist anymore. The company or assignees, or if dissolved, the persons who created and / or published, still of course hold the copyright. Though, as there certainly is special interest in this rare, otherwise unavailable musical recording, it can be published and shared non-commercially with no profit gained from the recording itself. This is an obvious FAIR USE COPYRIGHT EXCEPTION. The copyright is given in the recording information as being held by:

    C P Great American Audio Corp.
    C P Valley of the Sun


    Some personal notes:

    I am sure I have heard this recording in the end title music to a film I watched on TV, a quite well-known film, but I can not remember which one. I remember writing down "Aquamarine" from the film titles and that the publisher was given but no performers or author. I also remember this music was played on a radio station within the last year, as I remember again writing down "Aquamarine", just when I remembered that I've done that before, when watching a film. I later discovered this tape within a host of other tapes, which have been lying around collecting dust. I can't remember where this tape comes from, years ago, if it was a gift specially, if it came from someone else's tape collection donated or if I or another member of my family purchased it. I'm very glad to have found it.

    The audio was sampled by basic home equipment from the tape player at the highest quality available to me - 160 kbps digital file. A lot depends on the tape player used, I tried a number. This recording was not from the best tape player - there was a much better tape output, but when it went through the audio lead to the digital recorder, the bass was so resonant there was feedback, so that option vanished!

    Video made with Windows Movie Maker.
    This video might be removed for the sake of adding a better quality version if it seems possible.

    I know this great music will be enjoyed and loved.
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  • "Feelin' Love - The Donna Summer Story". Full BBC docu. Play all

    The 1 hour BBC Radio audio documentary program about the life of Donna Summer, in 6 video parts.

    "Feelin' Love" is a history of Donna Summer in words, with interviews from related people and Donna herself. The program covers from Donna's childhood right up to the 2009 album "Crayons".

    This material is published legally due to clear FAIR USE COPYRIGHT EXCEPTIONS (the program is not availble to buy commercially, nor made available publicly so far in the BBC Archives. Publication and receiving the program is legal by this means, while normal copyright restrictions still apply, as the copyright in law is held by the BBC and other creators of this program and its material and assignees as appropriate.
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